Man Jumps Over Fence To Rescue Dog From Neglecting Family

man jump fence rescue dog

A man was driving on a highway in the Caribbean when he managed to realize the horrible conditions in which a dog lived. She was tied with a leash in the courtyard of a house, and he did not hesitate to do something about it, so he managed to rescue her with the support of another person who was passing through the place, and who dared to jump over the fence to get her out of there.

The dog was with an appearance that implied that she had been enduring great suffering for a long time, she was curled up and surrounded by dirt.

The man approached the dog first and called out to her. She immediately started wagging her tail, showing that she was not just dying from hunger but also from lack of affection.

Man jumps a fence to rescue a dog

man jump fence rescue dog

Before rescuing her, the man decided to knock on the door to communicate with her family, but he realized that there was no one at the scene.

As he was on his way back to his truck, another person driving down the road noticed the commotion, and offered to jump over the fence of the house to get the dog out of there and hand her over to the man.

man jump fence rescue dog

The dog that is now called “Sunny” has had an amazing recovery, she has been very happy and surrounded by love for two months.

man jump fence rescue dog

The story of this hero has become famous on platforms such as Reddit, in which he has managed to collect more than 131 thousand likes and 4.1 thousand comments.

man jump fence rescue dog

Many expressed their admiration for taking the risk of jumping the fence without authorization and thus rescuing the dog, but others expressed their concern from the legal implication that this could have cost them.

man jump fence rescue dog

According to Bored Panda, one of the Reddit users advised readers to trust animal control in states that have “good animal abuse laws.”

But the important thing about this story is that now Sunny has a better life and a family that loves her and gives her all the care that she always needed.

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