This Man Loves His Cat So Much That He Makes It The Witness Of His Wedding

man loves cat becomes groomsman wedding

On his special day, this Brooklyn lover had no doubts who he wanted by his side: his beloved cat Prince Michael. It was therefore natural for the feline friend to become the witness of the ceremony with all his loved ones by his side, nothing like celebrating the wedding surrounded by the love of family and friends, as well as the special love of a four-legged friend.

Aaron Benitez and his furry friend, have formed an unprecedented bond since Aaron adopted the cat. With such a strong bond between the two, it’s no wonder they have a YouTube channel with over two million followers! Their comedic videos give us all plenty to laugh about as we enjoy their adorable relationship.

When Aaron set out to find the perfect companion, he knew unconditional love for cats was essential.

This man loves his cat so much he makes him the best man in his marriage

man loves cat becomes groomsman wedding

After meeting Michelle and confirming that she ticked all the boxes, it quickly became apparent that this was a heavenly wedding. Without hesitation, Michael and his father welcomed him into their hearts!

man loves cat becomes groomsman wedding

Aaron told Good Morning America:

“It’s been a big part of our lives since we started dating. Even as a kitten, Michael rode the subway with me, going to Central Park, Joshua Tree and the beach.”

Michael took on the demanding role of witness with exceptional aplomb. On the wedding day, he looked stunning in a tailored suit and wowed everyone as he posed for photos and walked down the aisle. Her presence added an extra touch of joy to what was already a joyful celebration.

man loves cat becomes groomsman wedding

Michael was comfortable with all the attention he received, as entertaining others comes naturally to him. For his part, Aaron suggests not bringing your pet to a wedding unless he’s as carefree and easy-going as Michael.

Everyone at the wedding was thrilled with the adorable groomsmen cat and were happy to interact with him. The couple’s creative videos featuring their feline friend have entertained people everywhere, proving that cats can be as loyal as any other pet!

You can follow the adventures of Prince Michael and his parents on his Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / aaronsanimals

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