This Man Drops Everything To Travel The Country And Save Dogs From Shelters

man resigns job travel country saving dogs

Lee Asher lived in Los Angeles, California with a special family of 9 single rescued animals. Ever since he was little, Asher knew he was destined to help animals in need, and since then he has managed to save 16 of them.

When he was just a boy, Asher spent a lot of time at an animal shelter near his home, learning rescue procedures. Thanks to this, he was able to understand that his vocation as an adult would be to rescue animals and help them as much as possible to find them a home.

A man quits his job to save dogs

man resigns job travel country saving dogs

Asher told The Dodo:

“I always knew that when I grew up, I would have a house full of rescue animals, so seeing where I am now is no big surprise to me or anyone who has known me from a young age. age.”

man resigns job travel country saving dogs

The man came to live in his house with 7 dogs named: Yaffa, Molly, Cali, BoBo, Butters, Haven and Lillie; and two cats named Whiskey and Goose.

He has always managed to help these animals. They were all rescued from different forms of abandonment and had a happy life.

man resigns job travel country saving dogs

Asher said:

“Inspiration comes from loving dogs and knowing that not only are you saving a life, but by saving a dog you are making room for other rescued animals to be adopted as well. a win-win and a great feeling.”

But now his love for animals, especially dogs, has led him to make the decision to turn his life into an adventure. He sold all of his belongings, quit his job, packed up what little he had left, and embarked on a cross-country journey with his rescued animals.

man resigns job travel country saving dogs

This kind-hearted man embarked on an adventure in The Asher House campervan, with the sole aim of saving dogs from shelters. He travels with a friend and his animals, who help him fulfill his rescue mission across the United States.

The two friends have been very active on social media, hoping people will be inspired by their posts. Plus, they want people to change the way they view dogs in shelters.

man resigns job travel country saving dogs

He wants people to see that shelter dogs aren’t dangerous animals, they just need a lot of affection and love, and they bark because they want to get out.

So far, this man and his rescue group have traveled to approximately 31 states across the country and have been able to save 90 dogs.

man resigns job travel country saving dogs

Although the two boys can have a great adventure in their motorhome with all their pets, they prefer to save lives in need.

They are very committed to the cause and want to make sure that all those locked up dogs can find their forever home.

man resigns job travel country saving dogs

There is no doubt that Asher and his team will do everything possible to make this wish come true.

Images: Facebook / The Asher House

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