This Man Has Never Abandoned His Lost Dog And Finds Him Almost 5 Years Later

man reunites lost dog 4 years later

In 2016, Army veteran Michael Joy and his family were about to go on a road trip with his three beloved dogs. Suddenly, the three dogs got loose and started to run, two returned, but Sam, who was only 4 months old, disappeared.

The man was desperate and looked everywhere for Sam, even touring his neighborhood in Georgia several times and visiting different shelters. Unfortunately, Michael could not find his beloved dog, but he did not give up hope that he could find it.

Michael said in an interview for WTSP:

“I told my wife, Hey, I’m going to find the dog. I never stopped; I even followed the pages of the shelters in case he showed up.”

Man never gave up and found his dog

man reunites lost dog 4 years later

Time passed and the family had to move to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, due to his work in the military, but Michael was still waiting for Sam. His desire to find his beloved dog was so great that Michael constantly traveled to Georgia to do little searches and try to find him.

After more than 4 years of the disappearance of little Sam, Michael received a phone call from a number that he did not recognize.

man reunites lost dog 4 years later

It was about a City Dogs Cleveland worker, who had news about his missing dog from him, although a little confused, Michael was happy and surprised.

Michael said:

They tell me; “We have Sam.” In my mind, I say, ‘It can’t be the same Sam! This is Ohio!

man reunites lost dog 4 years later

Although the man was incredulous, he asked for a small description of the animal, and the worker described it; Michael did not hesitate to ask him where he could pick it up.

The puppy had been found by Cleveland police and was later taken to the animal shelter where they did several tests. During the process they scanned him for a microchip and in this way the shelter realized that it was Sam.

man reunites lost dog 4 years later

Once he finished the call, his eldest daughter asked him what it was about, and without thinking the man said, “We’re going to Ohio!”

He also informed his wife of the decision he had made, and they quickly got ready for the long journey they would undertake. Michael and his family began the 8-hour drive to Ohio and he hoped that Sam would recognize him after all this time.

man reunites lost dog 4 years later

Sam had changed a bit, but Michael also had long hair and a thick beard, all that remained was to pray that everything would go perfectly.

They arrived at the shelter and Michael was waiting for them to go out with Sam, and when he saw him he could not contain his happiness and the reunion was a moving moment.

Michael said:

You can see the happiness on his face. He was like a child at Christmas.

Shelter workers recorded the emotional meeting and then decided to share it on social media, where it quickly went viral. The man was delighted to be able to see his lost dog again, although Sam was still confused by the appearance of his father.

However, he had managed to recognize it and kept jumping and wagging his tail with happiness and excitement, he knew it was his family.

man reunites lost dog 4 years later

After all this time, Michael has reunited with his best friend, and now he will never lose sight of him again.

Images: Facebook/ Michael Joy

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