This man saved 9 cats and now they come at night to thank him!

man saved 9 cats come night thank

There are two things in Sarper Duman’s life that he is crazy about: music and cats.

Sarper is an experienced pianist and less experienced cat owner. In his apartment live 9 rescued cats, which he found on the street at different times and took care of.

Wandering, injured, hungry – all now have a warm home and are very grateful to their Man!

man saved 9 cats come night thank

Sarper works during the day and has to rehearse at night. And his pets have adapted to this pace of life!

During the day, they sleep peacefully or play. But as soon as it gets dark and charming sounds are heard in the master’s room, they slowly tiptoe to the instrument and sit around it.

man saved 9 cats come night thank

The most daring jumps on their knees or even on the synthesizer, and the other spectators listen quietly on one side… And this attention is the best satisfaction for a talented musician!

“I treat each animal like a king or queen,” smiles the young man. “And I’m grateful to them for the people they brought into my home.”

man saved 9 cats come night thank

One of Sarper’s cats is blind. He cannot see the beauty of nature, but the master gives him another chance. He places her near the window and together they listen for a long time to the birdsong… This calms her and inspires the musician.

The whole family lives in perfect harmony.

man saved 9 cats come night thank

“They are my life, my heart, my angels,” Sarper hugs his animals.

Even the last motan, recently brought from the street, fits perfectly into the company.

man saved 9 cats come night thank

He has proven to be very talented and often enjoys singing too!

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