Man Adorably Takes Care Of Tiny Kitten On Subway, Photos Go Viral

man seen feeding kitten subway

Big-hearted man seen on NYC subway with kitten has given people confidence in humanity.

A man who was seen taking the metro in the company of a little kitten, once again made people believe in the good faith of humanity. Gillian Rogers was driving home on the New York subway when a man in the same car caught her attention.

This person was not alone, on his knees rested a small kitten wrapped in a towel; a scene that instantly brightened up his day.

Gillian told The Dodo:

He was bottle-feeding him. You could feel the love. I felt like my heart was going to explode when I saw someone expressing so much affection. I was too immersed in the moment.

Man seen with a kitten in the New York subway

Good-hearted man

After looking at this person for a while, Gillian knew she couldn’t leave the subway without knowing a little more about what she had seen. So she approached the man to ask for details of how he had met the little kitten or what was the reason for his presence.

Gillian said:

We talked, he told me he found the kitten abandoned between two buildings.

Man seen with kitten underground

Instead of letting the little animal fend for itself, he decides to save it; take care to keep it comfortable and well fed.

Gillian added:

The kitten was watching him as he fed him. It was very comforting and I said, ‘Thank you.’

Gillian later reached her destination and had to leave before she could ask the man for more information; even without knowing his name.

Man seen with kitten

But even though they parted ways like two strangers, just witnessing this person’s loving spirit transformed Gillian’s day.

Gillian commented:

It was really a special moment. When I got off the train I felt like I was walking through the air, I felt happy, as if it renewed my faith in humanity. There are still people with big hearts.

New York subway

For the woman, this scene was really moving, especially since she is the founder of the Pet Rescue Squad, a charity dedicated to the rescue of animals. Gillian has dedicated much of her life to helping animals in need, and seeing people do the same brings her joy.

Man with kitten

After posting the beautiful scene online, the post went viral and many people responded lovingly to the inspiring moment.

Gillian has discovered how the compassionate spectacle of a stranger can shock everyone and change the way they think.

Man and kitten

Gillian said:

I had no idea the photo was going to sound like it did. It makes me happy, I think we all need something to cheer us up.

Images: Facebook / Pet Rescue Squad Inc.


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