Man Spends His Savings To Pay Over $45,000 To Save His Dog’s Life

man spends his savings to pay over $45,000 to save his dog's life

Lola, a 12-year-old miniature schnauzer, was diagnosed with mitral valve disease, Garrett explained in a recent YouTube video. This condition, which is common in dogs, affects their lungs and heart. The veterinarians who treated Lola last year gave her a prognosis of a few months or a maximum of a year to live due to heart failure, adds the same medium.

But this man’s love is so great that he spent days searching for a solution, until he found Japanese doctor Masami Uechi, who offered open-heart surgery, with a 90% chance of success, details the American channel.

man spends his savings to pay over $45,000 to save his dog's life

However, it is very expensive and to cover these expenses, Jason Garrett withdrew all of his retirement savings and what was in his account. He said he would even sell his car, if necessary, ABC 7 reports.

Garrett, who lives in California, stressed that he would do anything for Lola because ‘she is part of the family’ and explained that she has saved his life on numerous occasions, as he suffers from severe depression and bipolar disorder. “The reason I continue to survive and even thrive with the disease is Lola,” he told the same source.

Garrett started a GoFundMe page to raise money, and luckily for him, they’ve already donated more than he needed: $49,609 to help offset the cost of surgery and travel expenses for vet Uechi, who will be performing surgery this summer, ends ABC 7.

Images: ABC 7

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