Man spots dog in viral video playing prank on firefighters

Man spots dog video prank firefighters

Videos with animals in the main role are very popular with Internet users – especially the funniest ones. However, it was certainly no laughing matter when a large white dog got stuck in the bars of the fence. Witnesses to the event, seeing that the animal could not get out, immediately alerted the competent services.

The man browsed the web, but he couldn’t believe what he had seen with his own eyes. In one of the videos, he recognized his white dog named Snowball. As if that weren’t enough, the dog looked terrified, as everything indicated that he was stuck in the fence. But with each passing second, he understood what had really happened.

Video of the dog’s rescue has gone viral online

One day, firefighters in Turkey were called to a rescue operation by passers-by. Namely, the white dog looked like it was stuck in the bars of the fence and couldn’t get out. Onlookers watched with concern what was about to happen, but no one could expect that to happen when the rescuers arrived.

Firefighters have already started preparing equipment to cut through the thick bars of the fence. Everyone was convinced that the dog was terrified and was just waiting for someone to set him free. It turned out that nothing could be further from the truth, because after a while he started to move and freed himself from the trap without any problems.

By chance, he discovered that his dog had become a star

One of the spectators recorded the action and shared the video online. It quickly became a success and reached a large group of recipients, also from outside Turkey. Luckily, Mert BektaƟ had no idea that his pet had pulled such a prank on the firefighters. Once, while browsing the web, he came across a video of a dog in which he recognized his Snowball. He couldn’t believe what he saw with his own eyes.

When the whole rescue operation took place, the man was at work. No one informed him of what had happened in his absence. The dog turned out to be a great actor, but he scared everyone.

This is not the dog’s first such performance

Turns out, Snowball has a habit of doing his tricks so passers-by will notice. As the man assures us, so far things have never gone so far.

“He does it once in a while, just for fun or to get some attention,” the dog’s owner told The Dodo.

Admittedly, this time Snowball got a lot of attention. Not only passers-by, but also firefighters who were ready to help him out of the trap.

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