A Man Stops In The Middle Of The Road To Help An Abandoned Dog

man stops middle road help abandoned dog

On the left shoulder of a Los Angeles freeway was a dog on its own. Apparently, he had been in this state for several weeks.

But the dog’s luck was about to turn when a hero appeared in the middle of nowhere to help him. In the main cases of the aforementioned rescue, the dog showed some distrust due to previous experiences with humans.

Prior to the rescue, a passerby contacted Hope For Paws and some of their volunteers traveled to the dog’s scene.

One of the collaborators named Eldad who made her way through the hectic traffic until he managed to find her. Upon arrival, they began recording the interaction with the dog.

In the audiovisual material, one can see how the first attempts at approach were refused by the dog in a suspicious manner.

“I’m going to save this dog. It’s a nightmare. Hopefully I can jump in, grab it and head to a vet clinic,” he said.

When the man approached the dog, he covered her with a blanket. The dog was very receptive, she recognized that they only wanted to help her and she was convinced by the care offered by the volunteers.

Likewise, the dog was given clean, fresh water. It might have been her first hydrating drink in a long time. Seeing that he took the water without difficulty, it was obvious that he was in a state where his recovery was possible.

Later, the dog was called Pipu and received all the care he needed at a veterinary clinic. “Hooray! That’s awesome,” the improvised hero mentioned. The first thing they did was cut off all the matted, dirty fur he had.

After a general examination, they noticed that he had a small affection on one of his legs, so they covered it with a bandage which he used for a few days. Pipu had stable health.

After the corresponding care, Pipu was adopted by Laetitia Wajnapel, a kind and loving woman. “He’s absolutely a Californian. He loves to pass on the freeway, every time we pass, he gets on my lap and watches the cars go by. Nobody knows how he ended up on the freeway. Sometimes I wonder wondering what happened. But now he’s happy. We love him,” the delighted woman mentioned.

Thanks to the audacity of a man and the infinite love of his new adoptive mother, this adorable being takes advantage of a new opportunity. “Thank you for saving him. He is so precious. It’s great to see him safe and loved,” mentioned Wajnapel.

“Be blessed for saving this precious girl. I do my best to rescue, feed, comfort and provide a safe haven for animals. They just want love and companionship, just like us. Your actions speak volumes. The best in the world for you and your four-legged babies! concluded Wajnapel.

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