Man Takes Care Of Foster Dog And Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Him

man takes care of dog home

People looking to adopt a puppy usually head to shelters in the hopes of finding one with whom they feel an immediate connection. Much like it happened with Drew when he met his 9-year-old pit bull named Dennis, whom he now cares for with great love.

Sometimes the dogs that stand out are the very shy or sad ones who huddle in a corner of the kennel wishing that someone can give them confidence in them, or on the contrary, the playful enough ones who will shower you with kisses.

But the reason why Drew immediately knew Dennis should be part of his family is pretty hilarious, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

The man takes care of a dog for a few weeks and falls in love with him

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One day Drew was walking around the kennel, wanting to find the perfect dog for him, and suddenly he heard a strange sound. It was Dennis, making a noise like a seal.

dog kisses his human

The man turned his full attention to him and although he planned to adopt a different dog, Dennis won his heart in a very unique way.

According to InspireMore, Drew said:

“I thought, ‘Who is this dog? I have to take it out.”

man walks with dog

Unfortunately, when Drew asked about the dog, he realized that he had already been chosen by another family, even so he didn’t want to help but enjoy his company and decided on him. offer to provide him with a foster family while he was taken to his permanent home.

dog kisses his human

Drew knew it wasn’t the best idea, as Dennis would make him totally in love, but he couldn’t stand the thought of him being locked up for a second longer.

Black dog in the car

Two weeks passed and it was time to say goodbye, the man was very sad, so he decided to speak with the shelter staff to convince the family that Dennis should stay with him.

Man and dog in the water

The man had shared a few videos and photos with the puppy on his social media and the family could see the great joy being together, so they decided not to sever this beautiful bond.

 The dog is very expressive; He seems to have his own language, and that’s what Drew likes the most about him.

Man with adopted dog

Drew said:

“It’s more like a seal and a pig that ended up being a dog.”

man and dog in the car

Drew’s life has changed for the better, he now sees the world completely different; take care of Dennis, enjoy spending time with him. Dennis showed him the meaning of friendship and true love.

Images: Instagram – a.daily.dose.of.dennis

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