Lebanese Vet Drives A Mobile Clinic Bus to Treat Animals All Over the Country

Moallem Lebanese Vet Drives Mobile Clinic Bus

Lebanese veterinarian Maria al-Moallem was able to equip a mobile veterinary clinic that provides all medical and pet care services in various regions of Lebanon.

The VETLIVERY mobile clinic has a medical laboratory for tests and analyses, cages, a place for animal examinations and a small store.

“I prepared my veterinary clinic, which is a big bus that I drive myself,” said veterinarian Maria al-Moallem. “This is the first mobile clinic in Lebanon to take care of critical cases , people who don’t have time to go to the clinic for whatever reason. “Transfer pets from home to clinics, especially cats and older animals.”

She points out that the goal of the mobile clinic is to contact pet owners, to provide them with the best health services as quickly as possible, 24 hours a day.

“I had this idea since university, when I was young I had a cat and it was hard for me to take it to the vet because it was a wild cat. The idea has crystallized in my head since I graduated and I tried to succeed, “she said. Almost a year with all the legal papers, the bus inside was prepared in 6 months. “

“I do my best to cover all Lebanese regions on time and offer all the services of the mobile clinic, such as home screening, medical care, general examinations, blood tests, dental cleaning, small operations, etc. In difficult cases, we transport animals to veterinary clinics in all Lebanese regions “.

Al-Moallem pointed out that his work presented several difficulties, including traffic jams on the roads and narrow passages, as well as the difficulty of covering some Lebanese areas.

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