Max And Spike, The Blind Dog And His Cat Friend Were Finally Adopted Together

Max Spike blind dog friend cat adopted together

The cat helped him on his survival adventure. They follow each other everywhere, they do everything together and they sleep snuggled up, ”it is said of Spike and Max, who have accompanied each other on a daily basis throughout their respective eight years of life.

Let’s talk about dynamic duets. No, we’re not talking about Batman and Robin, or Bonnie and Clyde; We are referring to Spike and Max, two animals who have spent their entire lives together and complement each other in a very special way.

It turns out that Spike, a blind 8-year-old dog, and Max, a cat of the same age, were dropped off at the gates of the Saving Grace Animal Society in Alix, Alberta, Canada, a few days ago.

Max Spike blind dog friend cat adopted together

The two have been together from the start, but their original owners concluded that they could no longer care for them as they needed to; in fact, the two animals were sleeping outside.

“We got a call about an older dog and a cat, they told us that given the low temperatures they honestly didn’t know if they would have the right quality of life and if they were able to support it. their needs in the best way. “

—Erin Deems, CEO of Saving Grace Animal Society, at Global News

Max Spike blind dog friend cat adopted together

As we mentioned before, Spike and Max complement each other perfectly since the dog being blind, he depends on the feline for movement.

According to Deems, the cat has helped him a lot in his survival: they follow each other, do everything together, and even snuggle up to sleep every night. When they go out for a walk, Max walks around and Spike is constantly looking for him.

And since the two are inseparable, they will be offered for adoption in the same way. Deems has assured that the animals will stay in the shelter until they find a family that agrees to take them both.

“They came as friends and they deserve to find a home together. For an older dog who is blind, the transition will be much easier if his cat friend is with him as they don’t know life apart. There must be someone who wants to remove them, but it’s a little more difficult. Many people think that one animal is too much, imagine two ”.

—Erin Deems, CEO of Saving Grace Animal Society, at Global News—

Spike and Max aren’t ready for adoption just yet, anyway. They still need to undergo a full medical examination to make sure they are healthy and strong. Once they are ready, the protector will inform the public through their social networks.

The post garnered thousands of likes and shares – and within 11 days the two were on their way to a new home.

A pair that complement each other like salt and pepper!

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