Mechanic pulls backpack out of trash and makes shocking discovery

Mechanic pulls backpack trash shocking discovery

RJ works as a mechanic. He didn’t expect that during an ordinary work day something would happen that would change his life so much. On a daily basis, the man works at the Midas auto repair shop in Shakopee, Minnesota. When he heard noises coming from a nearby dumpster, he decided to check what was going on. Then he discovered the terrible truth…

The puppy suffered a lot of abuse

It was supposed to be like any other day. RJ, who worked as a mechanic, was going about his duties. When he left the workshop to take out the trash, he heard a loud roar coming from the trash can. At first he thought it was a raccoon, but his intuition told him to check what was happening. And it was a good thing he listened, because what he discovered inside was shocking. Turns out there was a puppy in the trash! Unfortunately, the animal showed signs of abuse and someone later disposed of it like a used toy.

The mechanic was shocked

Someone left the toddler in a zipped backpack, from which the animal was desperately trying to get out. How could you do something like that to such an innocent being?! It’s really speechless!

When RJ opened his backpack, he was shocked! He saw the soft face of a puppy looking up at him with joy that someone had finally freed him. It breaks my heart to think of what this poor innocent dog went through before.

RJ almost shed a tear, but held it in, knowing he had to keep his head straight. He took the baby to the vet immediately after work. The dog’s name was Midas. During the examination, the veterinarian confirmed that the animal had numerous signs of abuse on its body. He had a broken jaw and a bacterial infection in his lungs, treatment was started immediately.

The dog started a new life

RJ was very concerned about what happened to poor Midas. That’s why, without hesitation, he decided to adopt him and give him a chance to start a new life. But first he wanted to check if someone had stolen it. He wanted to check its history, but it was very difficult because other than the dog, there were no other traces in the backpack that could lead RJ or the police to its previous owner.

The Shakopee Police Department is reminding dog owners not to abandon their pets like what happened to Midas. If we want to abandon a dog, there are many more humane ways to find him a new home, such as handing him over to a shelter.

If you wish to dispose of an animal, we encourage you to do so humanely. With social media and the internet at our fingertips, there is no shortage of opportunities to find someone willing to foster your pet. – wrote the police in their statement.

Although the story of Midas has a happy ending, it could have turned out very differently. It’s good that fate put RJ in the dog’s path.

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