Meet Lotus, The Huge Fluffy Maine Coon Cat


Maine Coon cats are known to be one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds. Apart from their majestic appearance, they also have great social skills that make them one of the most popular cat breeds of the world, and apparently, of the internet as well.

Now meet one of the most glamorous cats of this beautiful breed, the Instagram-famous Maine Coon Lotus. It’s easy to understand why this charming feline is winning hearts all over the internet, and 357,000 followers on Instagram would definitely agree. Who wouldn’t fall in love with his lush and fluffy mane, his elegant stance, and his adorable face anyway?

Lotus Instagram page is filled with photos displaying his charming beauty, his playful stunts, and some of his quirky facial expressions. Lotus is definitely one of the most photogenic cats Instagram has seen, and if you haven’t seen him magnificence yet, just scroll through the photos below and take a look at his Instagram for more.

Maine coon cats deceive by their appearance; they are known as the “gentle giants” and their enormous features and incredible coats have made them have devotees all over the world.

The Maine Coons, have their features framed by a collar of abundant fur, they can reach 1 meter and 20 centimeters and their coats can be of different shades and line drawings.

Lotus is this beautiful Maine Coon who, for all these exposed characteristics, has become a star on Instagram his beauty and graceful pose are undeniable.

The owners of the charismatic Lotus are aware of the photogenic potential that the cat has, and they show their pet’s day-to-day life, where we can see him nap, help in the kitchen or have fun in the middle of nature.

Observing Lotus in its domestic environment is to get a clear idea of its dimensions, it occupies an entire space on the sofa, for example.

We never stop thinking about how fascinating nature is, and how fascinating, like the Lotus, its creatures are.

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