Merrick, The Dog Who Found A Home After Five Years In A Shelter

Merrick dog finds home after five years shelter

Several years ago, specifically in 2015, an animal shelter in Kansas City, Missouri rescued an abandoned small dog in a garage they named Merrick. A dog barely a year old with a giant abscess on the side of a face that needed surgery to reconstruct his face. Since then, those in charge of the center have done everything to find him a new home. All of this through social media, where they shared all kinds of photographs and videos of Merrick with the rest of the dogs at the shelter.

However, no one was interested in him. Days and weeks passed, and the dog found no home because he did not attract attention like others. While the rest of the shelter companions found new families, the protagonist of this story remained the leader of a shelter that did everything to give the animal new life.

Merrick’s Story and Scott Poore’s Gift

Weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. More precisely five. Despite attempts by shelter officials to find him a new home, Merrick was celebrating the start of 2020 at the same shelter he arrived in in 2015, as he could not find any family interested in adopting him. However, and more than 2000 days after entering the center, the dog has found a new home.

All thanks to the help of a volunteer, who donated $ 3,000 to put the animal’s face on a notice board on the outskirts of town. After learning about Merrick’s story, Scott Poore decided to contribute $ 3,000 to bet on a strategy that might be riskier economically speaking, but which would end up being much more effective than social networks.

Poore told KSHB:

“I was home one night thinking, “I can’t give up this animal” and thought of a notice board.”

“It broke my heart to know his story, but I think fate will reward him.”

Merrick leaves shelter

Just days after the billboard was installed, the shelter received the call from Jordan Nussbaum. Speaking to KMBC, Nussbaum explained that he fell in love with the dog as soon as he saw him in the ad and convinced his partner to adopt him before anyone else. do it.

Merrick adopted

After reading the ad, Nussbaum explained that he qualified to adopt Merrick: “They wanted someone without children who had a lot of energy to follow Merrick because he is a huge dog.” For this same reason, and after finding that he qualified, he went to the shelter to take Merrick home.

And since then his life has changed completely. According to its new owners, the dog has fallen in love with a friend who lives next door. Therefore, and after almost six years at the shelter, Merrick began his new life.

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