Mexicans Celebrate The Suspension Of The Bullfighting Season In Mexico

mexicans celebrate suspension bullfighting season

The organization that organizes the “fiesta brava” indicated that it had exercised its rights by presenting all the legal means at its disposal “to defend bullfighting” and thus revoke the judge’s decision, however, they were unsuccessful, so it was not the activities that had first been temporarily suspended in May and then definitively in June will be able to resume.

The Plaza de Toros Monumental de México, officially known as La Plaza de México, is the largest bullring in the world, where until this year one of the biggest bullfighting celebrations took place.

mexicans celebrate suspension bullfighting season
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Federal judge, Jonathan Bass, granted the final suspension on June 10 after an appeal promoted by the civil association ‘Justicia Justa’ in which the treatment of bulls in this activity is considered “degrading”, violating the right to an environment healthy.

Many Twitter users celebrated this information. The statement currently has over 300 likes, received all kinds of responses.

mexicans celebrate suspension bullfighting season

“If the year ends and there are no bullfights, it is because they are no longer profitable. A tennis match or an Untouchable concert fills way more than bullfights, all ugly, hahaha, bye bullfights and pseudo fans,” one person tweeted.

“More of us are happy with this news. I hope they disappear forever and that one day we will see the demolition of this disgusting place,” said a user on the same social network. “

mexicans celebrate suspension bullfighting season

On the other hand, Internet users were also indignant at this event “How sad that they continue to ban the wild party for certain animal defenders”, wrote another on the same social network. “What do they have against bullfighting? With this stupid criterion, also prohibit killing in tracks and hunting and fishing, whether commercial or sport,” said a fourth person.


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