Cat Who Was Misunderstood Because Of Her Grumpy Face, Finds The Family Of Her Dreams

Misunderstood kitty grim face finds family

Bean, a rather unusual cat, was found in an abandoned trailer park last year. Her body was full of injuries and he presented with a series of health problems. An animal shelter saved her life and took care of her.

Francisca from Germany wanted to adopt a cat after moving into her new home and was immediately drawn to little Bean. No one seemed to care about the gray feline while she was on “Lost and Found,” so she was transferred to the adoption floor. There she waited patiently for someone to take her home.

Francisca told Love Meow:

“She looked so special and cute, and I knew I had to meet her.”

Cat misunderstood by her grumpy face, finds her family

Kitten with big eyes

Some time passed and Francisca saw an article about the cat on the shelter page.

The woman says:

“I wrote to the shelter and got a call, asking if I was sure Bean was the cat I wanted to meet, as no one had cared about her. I cried thinking that no one didn’t want her, so I made an appointment with them because I was even more determined to meet her.”

Kitten misunderstood by her grumpy face

When he finally met her, Francisca was shocked, she envisioned a cat weighing just over 20 pounds, but Bean was a tiny cat with huge, soft eyes. As soon as Francisca entered the room, Bean rushed over to rub her face against hers, and their bond was instantaneous.

Francisca added:

“It was more perfect than I could have imagined. He was a little 3-4 year old baby. Tears were running down my cheeks as they rubbed against my leg.”

Kitten and her mother

That day Francisca stayed with Bean for hours at the shelter, she really couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her there one more night. Bean also fell madly in love with her and didn’t leave her for a moment.

That day began a new chapter in the life of the feline, who finally returned home to the family of her dreams.

Snarling face kitten

Francisca remembers:

“She felt at home from the first second. She lay down on the couch and took a nap as if the couch was the most comfortable thing she had ever known. It was only after that she started exploring. I was so happy and grateful that she was finally home.”

Kitten rests in the room

Little Bean was always by her mother’s side for the first few weeks, seeming to fear her human would leave her. Gradually, she realized that she was at home and that her new mother would never leave her to her fate.

Francisca said:

“That’s when she finally decided to let go of her (inner) diva, her ‘queen of the house’ mentality.”

Adorable grumpy-faced kitty

Bean is a very sweet girl according to her mother, her cranky face has nothing to do with her sweet and clingy personality.

Francisca says:

“When I work from home, she spends all day in front of the computer, although her favorite place is elsewhere. When I go to work, he climbs out the window and looks at me until he can’t see me anymore.”

Misunderstood kitten with grumpy face

Sweet Bean has her own trusty toy, a duck that she often takes wherever she is. She loves to sit by the window and enjoy the view, she also loves to take a walk with her mother. She is very playful and is always looking to give love to her family.

Her mother adds:

“I have never met a cat like her. She’s fiery and definitely a diva, but so adorable and cute at the same time. He loves yelling at birds and Amazon’s delivery driver (not other postal services).”

Kitten playing

As long as her mother is at home, Bean is her little shadow, he does not leave her for a moment and always asks her for a few hugs. Her mother is happy to have her home and to know that she is happy with it.

The woman finally assures:

“She is my whole world and a monster. I can’t express how much I love her. Rescue works both ways. It helps me in the worst days. He’s been through a lot and is finally home and getting the love he deserves. I can’t imagine my life without her. It is so special and amazing. I’m so happy he chose me to be her mother.”

Snarling-faced kitten

You can learn a bit more about Bean and her mom by visiting her Instagram account and enjoying her adorable photos.

Images: Instagram / bebbybeansprout

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