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Kindergarten children weigh less than him. Morbidly obese cat needs to find a home, but there’s one condition

Even though its size and shape resembles a ball, he doesn’t seem to mind. A cat named One Frosty Too Many, or Frosty for short, became famous because of his appearance. Shelter employees decided to help the poor animal after he was thrown onto the street. However, the cat has another problem, and it’s a big one. Even if Internet users find him quite funny, morbid obesity threatens his life and health. Candidates for cat care have a special condition to meet.

A homeless cat is looking for a good owner. An obese animal weighs as much as a 3-year-old child

A homeless cat, named Frosty, was found in the city center. It is not without reason that the little cat owes its name to the most caloric dessert served by the American fast food chain Wendy’s. The cat weighs more than 13 kg. That’s three times the normal weight of an average cat.

Frosty’s life hasn’t always been as sweet as his name suggests. He probably camped on the city streets for several months, without permanent shelter. Fortunately, he was brought by a resident concerned about his appearance to Richmond Animal Care and Control, an animal rescue center.

How did the little cat end up on the street? No one knows, although it can be assumed that no free-living cat would reach such enormous weight, feeding only on hunted animals or other prey in the urban jungle. Hence the conclusion that the animal was most likely abandoned by its previous owners who overfed it. It should be noted that Frosty is so obese that he cannot fit into any of the cages available to animal rescuers. This is why he is the only one of the shelter residents who lives like a king in a separate room.

Morbidly obese cat needs to find a home
Facebook/Richmond Animal Care and Control

Dieting won’t be easy. Homeless cat seeks good owner

Although Frosty, round as a donut, looks charming, he definitely needs effective therapy to lose weight. Too much weight threatens his life and health. The employees decided to help the cat and prepared a balanced diet for it. Frosty needs to lose weight to be a healthy, free-ranging cat. The more weight he loses, the happier he will be. Potential candidates for the new owner were therefore given a condition: they must commit to helping the animal regain its weight.

After publishing an article asking to adopt a cat, Frosty became a local celebrity and made the front pages of newspapers and news portals. Fasting also became a place of confession, where many people wrote about their weight problems and how difficult it was for them to force themselves to implement a strict diet. While expressing solidarity with the cat, commenters said they were keeping their fingers crossed for its condition.

Publicity in local media allowed Frosty to leave the shelter. The cat found the caregiver of his dreams who was committed to losing weight and taking care of his health. You can follow Frosty’s progress on the profile created by the owner. After all, you can’t deprive a local star of the fame that the cat has already gained.

The owner of Patches, the “biggest cat ever”, who was adopted from the same facility, also sent his congratulations to the cat and his new owner. The Virginia refuge is apparently particularly “lucky” with such specimens.

How to help your cat lose weight? Many diseases cause obesity

Cats most often gain weight for a simple reason: excessive calorie intake. This is why it is so important to feed your pet a balanced diet that will provide the right amount of ingredients necessary for their health. In addition to choosing good foods, we need to think about appropriate portions. Cats are gluttons. So let’s pay attention to the size of the portions our cat receives.

However, keeping an eye on the bowls will be of no use if our cat doesn’t move. Our cats need adequate activity not only for their weight, but also for their health. Thanks to jumping and playing during the day, our cats sleep better and are calmer.

However, if you are caring for your cat and he continues to gain weight, it is a sign that he may be suffering from an illness. Hypothyroidism or other endocrine diseases cause, just as in humans, excessive weight gain. It is therefore worth having your cat examined by a veterinarian and ensuring its good health and long life in our home.

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