Morkie Mixed Dog Breed | Information & Facts


Without a doubt, you will be surprised when you discover the breed of dog that we are going to present: the morkie, a special puppy born from the cross between the Yorkshire terrier and the Maltese. These dogs have very special characteristics, for example, do you know that the morkie is one of the breeds of dogs considered to be the most loyal and daring? Well, it’s true!


Do you want to get to know the morkie better? In this ‘ Pets Feed ‘ dog breed sheet, we explain all the characteristics of the morkie, its character and its care. Read on!


The Morkie breed appeared in the 1980s, when a breeder decided to cross a Yorkshire Terrier with a Bichon. After this crossing, the first puppies were born. Like the other breeds from the cross between well-known dog breeds, the morkie has not been registered as an independent breed by any of the international cynological organizations.

These puppies are extremely popular, being common that they become the pets of personalities from the worlds of film, music or sports.


Characteristics of the Morkie

A morkie is a small dog, whose weight is normally between 2.5 and 5 kilograms. Its height at the cross is generally between 15 and 31 centimeters and its half-life is between 10 and 13 years.

The body of a morkie dog is compact, with short, muscular limbs, although they are generally much longer than those of a Maltese. The tail is of medium length and thickness. The head is medium with a long and round muzzle, ending with a very dark truffle, generally black. His ears are drooping and hang over the sides of his head, being of high insertion and covered with a thick layer of hair. The eyes are rounded, dark in color and look affable and lively.

The coat of a morkie is long and of high density. Emphasizes the softness of it, also having a woolly undercoat which promotes thermal insulation of these puppies. It does not change hair, which is why it is considered part of hypoallergenic dogs.

The puppy

The morkie puppy is really adorable, because it is a very small ball of fur who just wants to play and be pampered. As in other breeds of small dogs, puppies tend to be more delicate and should be monitored to avoid risks and dangers, be able to detect signs of illness or discomfort as soon as possible, such as l apathy, excessive crying or unwarranted aggression.


The best rated and most common colors in morkie dogs are: silver, brown, white, beige and black cinnamon, and all combinations.

Toy or tea cup

There is a variety of smaller morkie, not more than 3.5 kilograms, so it is considered the toy variant of the breed. With the exception of the smallest size, there is no difference between a standard morkie and a toy, being of equal character and morphology.


Morkie character and temperament

A standard copy of morkie is characterized by a strong temper, highlighting his stubbornness and determination. However, although for his great self-confidence, he can give the image of needing nothing from anyone, he is a very dependent dog. It is therefore necessary to pay special attention and affection if we do not want him to feel sad and alone.

On the other hand, depending on the characteristics of the morkie referring to his character, this dog can present interaction problems with others if he is not conscientiously socialized. These problems can occur both with other pets and with people. This happens because of their great distrust of everything and everyone and their reluctance to deal with strangers, which disappears as soon as they trust others.



The most important morkie care is to treat your addiction. In this way, if we have a morkie in our house, we must take into account the typical needs of the breed. One of the most important is to make our morkie dog feel loved and cared for, because most of the problems he may suffer are separation anxiety and the feeling of being abandoned.

Another fundamental problem is that related to his diet. We must pay particular attention to its nutrition, because it is a sweet tooth, whose adorable face can lead us to overfeed it with treats and candies of all types. It is strongly recommended not to overdo it by giving him candy, as being overweight hurts him a lot and dogs tend to suffer from it.

You must brush the coat of a morkie dog every day, otherwise it will get dirty and tangles will form which will become impossible to undo. Bathrooms are not essential, about one is recommended every month or a month and a half.



The Morkie is a much healthier dog than the breeds from which it originates, considering that it is a common advantage to adopt a mixed dog. Despite this, there are a number of diseases that can affect morkie. Some of the most common are those that refer to the ears, mouth and eyes. Among them, cataracts, glaucoma or otitis stand out. It can also inherit diseases typical of yorkshires and bichones, such as patellar dislocations, tracheal collapse or chronic valvular heart failure.

To ensure that the morkie is in good health, it is essential to practice good preventive medicine through regular visits to the veterinarian, dewormers and vaccinations. In addition, providing the basic care for morkie dogs presented in the previous sections is another key that will allow us to live with a happy and balanced dog.

Adopt a morkie dog

To know if we are ready to adopt a dog of the breed morkie, we must consider all the needs of this small dog, which appear in this article. If after taking all these needs into account, you still know that you can cope with the possible difficulties and take full responsibility for the care of a morkie.

It is preferable, in any case, to use associations, protectors or animal shelters, because we thus avoid the abandonment of animals and offer a new opportunity to an abandoned animal. We recommend that you research information about nearby shelters, as you can go to their facilities and meet all the animals that need a home.


Facts About the Morkie Crossbreed Dog

Positive points

  • Wonderful companion because he is so loyal and affectionate.
  • This little dog is playful, cheerful but a little stubborn.
  • It is easy to train because it is such a smart little dog.
  • The morkie is not demanding on the exercise front.
  • Grows in a family environment.
  • This little dog has a low loss coat.
  • The morkie is good with older children.

Negative points

  • This little dog can be barking if it is not properly socialized at a young age.
  • The morkie does not like to be alone and suffers from separation anxiety.
  • Not the best choice for families with small children or very young children.
  • It requires high maintenance on the grooming front.
  • Morkies tend to be “needy” and demanding.
  • It is a small, fragile dog and can easily be injured.

Breed conclusions

Morkie is a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and a Maltese lapdog. In describing the characteristics of the breed, there are many worthy qualities: intelligent, fun, trainable, loyal and fearless. This dog is suspicious of strangers, but gladly accepts other animals living with her in the same house into his circle. Morkie dogs cannot stand loneliness – they cannot be categorically left alone for a long time, the longing for the owner will be unbearable. The dog is very miniature, one of its varieties is called a tea cup – “tea cup”. He can get lost even in a very small apartment.