What Are The Most Common Mistakes We Make With Our Cats

most common mistakes we make with our cats

Cats are one of the favorite animals when choosing a pet. This choice has a lot to do with the fact that they stand out for their agility, cleanliness, intelligence and also their great independence. Therefore, they don’t need those typical daily dog walks, which we often cannot adequately satisfy thanks to the modern pace of life.

This does not mean that cats require less care than dogs, but it is different care and we must take into account many points so that they can have a comfortable and healthy life. This care includes feeding, hygiene and cleanliness of their immediate environment, fur care and all the medical problems that are important to have in good conditions.

Cats are fast learners and have very good memories, so any routine will fit into their schedule and ideally, they should be positive.

The most common mistakes we make with our cats

To do this, we must be very attentive to the most common mistakes that human beings make in the relationship with cats:

  • Thinking it’s the same as a dog when it’s not. Its habits, customs and needs are those of another species different from the dog and very particular.
  • Neglecting his education, thinking that he is learning or that he is incapable of responding to a discipline or a pedagogical instruction
  • Adopt them when they are still very young, causing behavioral problems due to the lack of timely contact with their mother and siblings
  • Non-compliance with adequate vaccination and deworming programs
  • Failing to evaluate and perform the surgical castration option
  • Do not avoid the ingestion of hairs and the consequent formation of obstructive balls.
  • Do not try to avoid overweight in neutered cats

Castration eliminates the risk of suffering from diseases and stops their spread, avoiding the spread of diseases caused by wandering. It is a surgical operation considered to be an almost common procedure in all types of animals with a low risk of complications. With all these precautions, the goal is for our animals to be as good as possible, both mentally and physically.

Then we can also avoid other types of errors in their treatment, for example by putting limits on our caresses.

Cats are very independent, and they often love and defend this condition and their loneliness above contact with others, including ourselves. This doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate displays of affection from their guardians. The important thing is to know when and where to caress and especially when to stop. Avoid petting the hind legs, tail and belly, they feel like a threat and will be effusively rejected most of the time.

Favorite places to be pampered are the head, chin, neck and ears. Let us be particularly attentive to observe the language of a cat’s tail which always anticipates the aggressive “that’s enough”.

Another thing to avoid is changing your routine. Cats are animals with routine habits, which must lead a very precise, regulated and predictable life. Any type of change, such as a move or a trip, alters them significantly. It will be the same with a simple change in its diet or in the stones of its litter.

For this reason, when these changes are unavoidable, the best way for the animal not to be stressed is to make them gradually.

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