The Most Expensive Dog In The World Costs A Fortune. Why Do People Spend A Fortune On Purebred Dogs?

most expensive dog in the world costs a fortune

Although the title of most expensive dog in the world is held by the Tibetan Mastiff, many breeds fetch a higher average price per puppy. The high cost of these animals is influenced by the success of the parents of the animal at dog shows, the popularity of the variety or the specific appearance characteristics desired by buyers. The purebred dog business can be a profitable business, but it takes a lot of work.

The most expensive dogs in the world reach exorbitant prices

Pets such as the Tibetan Mastiff, which has sold for almost two million dollars, are usually bought by people on the lists of the richest people in the world. They are another way for them to increase their prestige.

Purebred Tibetan Mastiffs are rare dogs. Especially those whose family tree goes back several generations. Hence the exorbitant prices made by some individuals. However, the average cost of a show puppy is “only” 10,000 dollars.

A large number of people interested in the most expensive dogs in the world are also breeders. Champions of many shows with long pedigrees are highly desirable acquisitions. However, they are treated as an investment and not a way to show off your money.

Puppies from titled parents have a better chance of succeeding at dog shows. For this reason, their prices are higher than those of other purebred quadrupeds.

However, this investment is burdened with a certain risk – if the breeder does not provide them with the appropriate conditions for breeding, or if he gets too few litters, he may even lose several thousand dollars.

The most expensive dog breeds

Also on the podium was Löwchen (Little lion dog). It is a small, sociable animal, covered with a thick layer of long, fluffy fur. The cost of an individual is around 12,000 dollars.

Third place is occupied by Chow Chow dogs from China. We’ll pay around $11,000 for show puppies with blue-spotted tongues that meet the breed standard.

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