It wasn’t easy for the mother cat, she found herself abandoned in a shelter with kittens. 100 days have passed and the miracle of Christmas has come true

mother cat abandoned shelter miracle Christmas

Rosie is a young cat who has always had to fend for herself. When, as a nursing mother, she was cared for by volunteers from an organization that helps homeless animals, she demonstrated a unique attitude. She didn’t just take care of her own kittens. She also helped a cat unable to care for her own offspring. Unfortunately, the kindness she showed did not return to him for a long time. All the babies she raised quickly found loving homes. However, for a long time, no one was interested in Rosie, even though she was beautiful and friendly.

The lactating cat was not able to take care of her own offspring

One day, volunteers from the Exploits Valley SPCA added two nursing cats and their kittens to their group of children. The situation was serious. All the dogs rescued from homelessness were terrified and exhausted. Worse still, one of the new mothers was struggling to care for her own offspring. She literally couldn’t control a group of unruly kittens. Fortunately, it turned out that Rosie, her friend from the street, was an exceptionally helpful animal, although she herself could not complain about the lack of responsibilities.

Rosie, mother of five kittens, taken in by volunteers on the same day as her less than resourceful companion, decided to get involved in caring for little ones in need.

mother cat abandoned shelter miracle Christmas
mother cat abandoned shelter miracle Christmas

The cat deserved all the best. Unfortunately, fate was not in his favor

Rosie’s helpfulness was unparalleled. His behavior surprised the volunteers, among other things because the cat was very young. At this age, most dogs are primarily interested in playing and exploring the world rather than caring for a large group of unruly kittens. It is thanks to his attitude and commitment that all the children quickly regained their strength. Feeding that many kittens by hand would take a lot of volunteers’ time. Rosie has been a huge support to them.

All the kittens, hers and those of her friends, found loving homes after a few weeks of searching. Moreover, even a defenseless cat has found “her person” and has been enjoying life for months in comfortable conditions alongside a person she trusts implicitly. There is a sad thread in this touching story. None of the potential adoptive guardians were interested in adopting Rosie. The cat you could always count on was out of luck. Even though she was beautiful, friendly and sociable. Activists sometimes thought that a curse was hanging over her.

mother cat abandoned shelter miracle Christmas

Does the magic of Christmas exist? It turns out yes!

Activists have repeatedly shared an article describing Rosie’s story on social media. Unfortunately, their actions did not yield satisfactory results. Fortunately, the volunteers were not discouraged. They knew that a helpful cat deserved the best. They weren’t going to stop looking for a home for her until they found someone who would make this special animal feel loved and important.

The breakthrough came on day 83 of Rosie’s stay at the Exploits Valley SPCA. Andy responded to one of many posts about him. The man admitted that as soon as he looked at her photo, he knew she was the cat for him. Two weeks later, Rosie finally moved into her dream forever home. Her new guardian thinks they are meant to be together. The cat had a new, better life just before Christmas. Could she have dreamed of a better gift?

mother cat abandoned shelter miracle Christmas

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