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The mother cat brought her kitten to meet the newborn baby. (Video)

A woman who owns a ragdoll cat farm recently gave birth to a baby. Shortly after giving birth, she decided to check how her cat, who is also a new mother, would behave in a situation where the kittens had the opportunity to have contact with the baby. The mother cat’s reaction was surprising. Everything was recorded. The video became a hit on social media, with over 17 million views.

She loved ragdoll cats with all her heart

Pearl has been a huge fan of Ragdoll cats for years. What caught the woman’s attention was her unique hair and blue eyes. She loved these animals so much that she decided to start her own breeding farm. Sometimes there are even a dozen representatives of these trusting and friendly cats at her house. Taking care of such a large group is quite a challenge, but Pearl has no intention of giving up her passion. So, when she learned she was pregnant, she understood that she would now have to balance raising a child and running a farm.

Concerned about the comfort and safety of the baby and the animals, from the first days after returning home, Pearl ensured that the cats were not left alone with her child. However, one day she decided to make an exception to see how her beloved cat would behave in a new situation. The reaction from the purr made her fall to her knees.

She allowed the cats to interact with the baby. The effect exceeded his wildest expectations

Pearl’s cat, named Summer, became a mother around the same time as her guardian. Usually, the woman made sure the kittens were in a different room from the baby, but after a few weeks, curiosity took over. The animal keeper wanted to see how Summer and her offspring would react to the arrival of a new family member. To do this, she placed the baby on the ground and opened a door through which the kittens could pass freely.

To the woman’s surprise, Summer wasn’t going to wait until the kittens had the courage to approach the baby. Instead, she took one of her babies in her mouth and carried him to the pillow where the baby was resting. In the video, he is seen delicately placing them right next to the child’s face. The situation then became even more surprising.

mother cat brought her kitten to meet the newborn baby

The cat presented its offspring to the baby. The recording reached millions of Internet users

The cat placed the kitten under the child’s face, as if she wanted to make sure the younger members of the house got to know each other. Pearl was shocked. She knew that Summer was a very intelligent and gentle creature, but she didn’t expect such a reflex from her.

Pearl decided to share the touching video on social media. The video quickly became a success. It has already been viewed more than 17 million times. Many Internet users say that Summer’s behavior is perfect proof that the ragdoll is a cat breed suitable for families with children. According to fans of these puppies, they stand out from other puppies not only for their high intelligence and beautiful appearance, but also for their above-average social skills.


Summer wanted to show off her baby to my baby

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