My mother-in-law made it clear. Instead of spending the holidays with her daughter-in-law, she prefers to spend the holidays this way. His decision caused a scandal

mother-in-law prefers dog to spend vacation
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Even if Christmas is generally associated with a festive atmosphere, whose magic is added by the presence of loved ones, it is clear that this is not the case in all homes. On an online forum, a woman shared her story with Internet users. For some time now, his relationship with his mother-in-law has cooled. She revealed who her husband’s mother would rather spend Christmas with than them.

They even spend Christmas separately

Just before Christmas, an Internet user admitted on the forum that her relationship with her mother-in-law had cooled significantly. The woman revealed the reason why she hasn’t seen her husband’s family for several years, which surprised some netizens.

Well, whether it’s Christmas, Easter or another holiday, women have no chance to meet and celebrate this special moment together. The last time they all spent Christmas Eve together was 10 years ago, in 2013. Shortly after, the first problems started to appear and the Internet user’s husband’s mother made something that ended their relationship.

It’s all because of him

10 years ago, a dog appeared at the Internet user’s in-laws’ house. It later turned out that the woman telling her story online was allergic to dogs and particularly sensitive to the smell of pets. Over time, she realized that she simply suffered from a phobia.

It’s no wonder that since then he no longer visits his in-laws, which also applies to the holiday season. She makes no secret of the fact that she repeatedly suggested they come to her and her husband’s house and leave the dog at home for a few hours. However, the elderly person cannot imagine their pet being left alone.

Neither party intends to give in and firmly defends its position. Faced with this situation, the Internet user decided to ask Internet users what they think of the situation. He wants to know who is right in this conflict.

The dog became the cause of a family conflict

The positions of Internet users who decided to comment on the publication on a family conflict caused by the presence of a dog are very diverse. Some say that the mother-in-law is right and nothing will happen to the wife if she takes allergy medication and goes to her husband’s parents. He does not have to play with the dog and contact with his family is more important. Additionally, they claim it contributed to the deterioration of the man’s bond with his loved ones.

“I think you could take some allergy pills and leave. 10 years is a long time to not see your family at Christmas, I’m sure the dogs will keep their distance if you ask” – writes one of the users.

The second group of Internet users believes that a woman should have nothing to blame, because her mother-in-law can also give in. They also understand that she is afraid of dogs and that being with a pet is not comfortable for her.

“It’s terrible of them to ask you to do that”, sums up another.

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