A mother walks with her baby until she finds an abandoned box, then realizes that it is moving

mother walks with her baby finds abandoned box

Noticing the box moving, Madison went to check and found four puppies left to fend for themselves.

Madison Carlstrom was walking with her baby girl and the family dog about a week ago, near her home in Breckenridge, Texas (USA), when she noticed an abandoned wicker box under a tree, up until she realized the box was moving.

“I was walking my daughter and my dog, and I found a box of puppies. They are so small,” she said in a video posted on TikTok. There were four puppies inside the box and Madison had no qualms about bringing them all home to take care of. “I wouldn’t leave them there. That was out of the question,” she said in the video.

It is not known how long the puppies had been abandoned there. They were covered in fleas, hungry and dehydrated. It was 40°C that day and Madison knew they wouldn’t last long alone. Fortunately, she already has experience with animals and was able to help.

mother walks with her baby finds abandoned box
Madison Carlstrom

In a later video, Madson recounts that three of the puppies were sent to the NGO shelter Second Chance Farm and were doing well, waiting for a home. The smallest of the puppies, who would need more care, was adopted by Madison and was named Enzo.

“He and my daughter are best friends, so we couldn’t let him go,” Madison told The Dodo. In the video, she shows the pup walking and having fun in his new home, with plenty of room to run around and play with his new canine sibling.

mother walks with her baby finds abandoned box
Madison Carlstrom

Enzo also received his first dose of vaccine, dewormed and did some tests – his tail is broken, but he will recover well.

@madisoncarlstrom Replying to @Ashelle puppy update! Sorry for the delay. Single mom life is pretty crazy these days. Our little babies are onto big things! #rescue #puppy #puppiesoftiktok #rescuepuppiesoftik #dogsoftiktok ♬ Acoustic Folk Instrumental – Yunusta

Now the most complete family walks together and Madison passes by the same place she found Enzo and his brothers a few days ago, but now the abandonment is just a memory and Madison’s family is still more complete.

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