A Biker Is Filmed Carrying His Dog With Glasses On His Back

motorcyclist filmed carrying dog with glasses

While driving to work, the husband of this woman named Jannette Ortiz stumbled across the most enchanting scene ever. Next to him, as he stopped his car at a red light on an avenue, he saw a small dog with glasses sitting comfortably on the back of his human who was driving his motorcycle.

Immediately, the man turned on his mobile phone and decided to film the puppy, who was wearing all the clothes to ride comfortably and safely as a passenger on the motorcycle. The man later shared the short video with his wife, who couldn’t help but smile upon seeing the little canine, and decided to post the scene on Facebook.

A biker is filmed carrying his dog with glasses on his back

In the video you can see how the man slows down his car while, surprised and very excited, he greets the biker and his little companion, who were dressed in winter clothes inside a backpack of canine transport on the back of his human.

The motorcyclist looked ahead and the pup, who was distracted by his gaze elsewhere, turned his gaze to the car upon hearing the lively man. The biggest surprise for Jannette’s husband was to see that the animal was wearing goggles the same color as the biker’s helmet.

The video caught the attention of netizens so much that it quickly garnered a lot of reactions and comments about the adorable scene. Many comments praised the style with which the little boy wore his glasses and the naturalness of the dog when he moved with his best friend.

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