The Moving Encounter Between The Owner And His Dog After A Year Of Military Service (VIDEO)

moving encounter between owner dog military service

Having a pet is a wonderful thing, it never makes us feel alone and we always have a good reason to come home. However, it is also very sad to leave them, when it is not possible to take them with us. It’s not just us who suffer the distance, but also them, who can’t wait to see each other again. Like this dog, Koda, who hadn’t seen his master for more than a year, because he had left to do his military service. When he sees him again, he can’t believe it, he was so happy his eyes were shining.

A man returns from military service and his dog goes overjoyed

In the United States, some boys have been called to fight for their country and Caleb is one of them. He had to leave his loved ones and his faithful friend, Koda, at home, hoping to see them again soon. A year after his military service, he was ready to go home, but he confesses to his sister, Alex, that he’s afraid his furry best friend won’t recognize him.

Her fears were quickly erased, as soon as Koda saw him coming, she catapulted herself out the door and ran to meet him. It was a magical and very moving moment.

“My brother Caleb thought his dog Koda wouldn’t remember him after serving in the army in Kuwait for over a year. Koda proved me wrong,” Caleb’s sister wrote, Alex, on his Reddit account.

The soldier was happy to see all his family again and to embrace all his loved ones again, but the best welcome came from Koda, who never stopped standing by his side. The dog had missed his master a lot and vice versa. Now they could be happy together again.

The sister filmed the encounter scene which, in no time, went viral on social media. Under the video, about 70 netizens commented expressing their emotion at such a gesture of love.

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