Woman Creates Perfect Sign To Warn Neighbors Of A Thieving Cat


Last Updated on June 17, 2021 by Pets Feed

Who has a cat, has a treasure? Yes, they have their humans at their mercy, and with that side of their being naughty by nature, they will manage to get away with it at the slightest opportunity. Cats love to play tricks, and one of their favorite hobbies is stealing things. Not only to their own owners, but also to the rest of the neighborhood, if they go outside to explore.

Cats love to steal and accumulate objects of all kinds, from shiny objects to food or even underwear; to later hide their loot at home. With this was Kate Felmet, an American woman and owner of Esme, a beautiful cat who has a hobby to steal from her neighbors. One fine day, cleaning at home, she found a lot of loot in a corner: various masks, garden gloves of all kinds, some Spider-man skating knee pads, various clothes, a camera, dolls and even a stuffed bat. With such treasures, she didn’t have to think much about how they would have gotten there, as Esme had been stealing from her neighbors for the past two years.

my cat is a thief

The fact is that they were alarmed by the series of robberies in the neighborhood, so Kate was forced to confess who was the real culprit. Thus, she placed a sign in her garden to announce to her neighbors that the culprit was in her house: Esme was the thief who had revolutionized the life of the quiet neighborhood. Next to the poster, a clothesline where to hang all the stolen objects, so that the neighbors can collect them.

my cat is a thief

“Esme brings me gifts every day, but I can only wear a limited number of garden gloves per day,” Kate announced on Facebook, “I have put up a clothes rack. At the moment she has nine pairs of gloves, two without a pair, two cloth masks, a running belt and a ball of string”.

my cat is a thief

What started with Esme stealing scraps of cloth turned into a much more sophisticated task, where the pussycat began stealing more stealthily and opting for valuables. The cat carried these treasures to her house, where she hid them, the masks being the star object during the pandemic. According to Kate in an interview with the Today program, one day she brought them 11 fabric masks of assorted colors. She also stole things as she saw what they were doing in the house. For example, when Kate set out to paint her daughter’s room, the cat would steal rolls of masking tape from the neighbors; or when they began to work in the garden, the cat appeared with new gloves.

Now that she has been “betrayed,” the neighbors have been able to get her things back.

“There are things that have been recovered by their owners,” says Kate, “At least the neighbors of the community will know where to look for their lost things.”