Mysterious Animal Found In Dumpster Baffles Rescuers

mystery animal found dumpster

While patrolling near a dumpster, Dallas Police Department officers came across an adorable puppy. It was unclear how he ended up in such a desperate situation, but what really puzzled them was what kind of animal it was.

Officers were totally stunned and sought help from the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, but even their most experienced staff couldn’t identify the species of this curious pup.

Marlo Clingman, spokesperson for Dallas Animal Services, told The Dodo:

“The animal services officer who responded took him back to the shelter, where many people said he looked like a small coyote!”

A mysterious animal confuses its rescuers

mystery animal found dumpster
Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center

Trying to determine the species of this pup has sparked strong disagreements among experts. While trying to decide if it is a domestic dog or a coyote, some say it could be a hybrid between the two species. To obtain a precise answer, it was decided to carry out DNA tests on the animal.

Marlo says:

“His eye color matches that of a domesticated breed, but we are curious what the DNA test results will show.”

Despite the uncertainty as to what species it is, this pup’s rescuers have welcomed him with open hearts; and even though the results take several days to arrive, they are determined to give him a loving home.

In honor of his mysterious origin, they’ve named him “Toast”, and they’re doing everything they can to keep him safe and happy until the facts surrounding his species are cleared up.

mystery animal found dumpster
Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center

Finally, Marlo said:

“The toast is excellent! He is a fluffy little pup with a big personality. Our Wildlife Services Officer, Jacqueline Sutherland, will look after Toast while we await DNA test results. What happens next will determine whether we can offer Toast for adoption or whether we need to find other placement options.”

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