Cat Smiles To All Who Visit The Shelter Hoping To Be Noticed

Nala cat smiles

Nala is an adorable cat who was found pregnant on the street in the Netherlands by someone who tried to help her when she was apparently in labor. The cat was transferred to a veterinary clinic, where she underwent an emergency cesarean section, but unfortunately of her two kittens, only one survived.

Nala was taken into the care of Dierenbescherming, an animal welfare group, where they hoped to help her find a loving new home. Her little cat quickly thrived and found a forever home where she would be very happy. For her part, Nala has also recovered very well in her new environment, under the care of volunteers.

The rescued kitten, and usually excited when people approach her, usually has a permanent smile due to a cleft lip and skin condition.

A cat smiles at everyone who visits the shelter

Nala Cat smiles shelter

Ineke Kamps, a shelter volunteer, told Love Meow:

She receives hypoallergenic food and is much better. She might still need that special food.

cat with adorable smile

Whenever he discovers there is a visitor nearby he tries to get their attention and starts meowing, he usually stands on his two hind legs through the glass and keeps his eyes fixed with a huge smile and adorable, then if the people they approach rub their legs gently in search of affection.

cat rescued from the streets

Ineke says:

The ideal house for her would be a house with a (fenced) garden, with humans who are often at home and who have no problem with their particular diet. It is good to be placed with other cats , but she will need individual feeding.

cat smiles at everyone who visits the shelter

Nala enjoys human company as well as her furry companions; She is a playful and happy kitten, she likes to explore everything around her and is a little mischievous. When he wants to take a restful nap, he usually seeks warmth from one of his furry friends or humans.

Whenever someone approaches the fluffy feline she usually greets them with a huge, sweet smile, she is a loving and happy girl and wants those who approach her to know that.

cat smiling

Fortunately, Nala’s story had a wonderful ending. The big-smiling kitty has found a forever home and is enjoying a life indoors with his loving family.

Inec added:

She is doing very well and gets along well with all the other pets she has.

shelter cat

If you want to know a little more about the work carried out by the animal protection group, you can visit their website. You can also visit Ineke’s Instagram account and learn more about the cases she receives as a shelter volunteer.

Images: Instagram / crazycatlaydy

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