Neighbor Helped Pregnant Cat After Family Left Her On Street

neighbor helped pregnant cat family abandon

A friendly, animal-loving neighbor helped a pregnant cat that was wandering the cold streets of his neighborhood.

A pregnant cat ended up roaming the streets of Montreal, Canada, apparently because her family no longer wanted her. Fortunately, a kind neighbor helped her and did her best to get her much-needed care.

The homeless cat wandered several nights in a neighborhood hoping to find a safe haven to give birth to her babies. Luckily, Gaël, an animal-loving neighbor, found out about the stray cat’s situation and decided to provide her with a safe place and take care of her.

The man planned to take care of her while contacting the local rescue center Chatons Orphelins Montreal, in order to find the perfect help for her.

A nice neighbor helped a needy cat

Friendly neighbor helped cat

Members of the rescue center did not hesitate to answer the call and immediately went to the scene to recover the cat.

Shelter member Celine Crom told Love Meow:

We called her Madras, she was very sweet and kind.

sweet Madras

Madras quickly found a foster family and said goodbye to her hard days on the cold city streets. Once he arrived at his new home, he settled in easily, snuggling up in his cozy nest and receiving lots of love from his adoptive mother.

Kind neighbor helped cat

After a few days, Madras went into labor and gave birth to two beautiful, adorable and healthy kittens.

Celine added:

The adoptive mother was with her the whole time, comforting and reassuring her.

kind neighbor help

The kittens named Casper and Cotton were comfortable thanks to their foster family who gave them all the attention they needed in their care.

A week later, Madras unexpectedly stopped producing milk and needed urgent medical attention due to infection and high body temperature.

little kittens

Throughout Madras’ recovery process, their adoptive mother cared for the kittens and bottle-fed them.

Madras at the vet

With the necessary care, medication and lots of love, the cat regained her health and did not hesitate to return to take care of her beautiful babies. From then on, Madras worked alongside her adoptive mother to keep the kittens clean, fed, healthy and above all loved.

kittens thriving

Celine commented:

Her kittens survived and thrived thanks to the rescuers and her foster family.

Madras has become a super mom because she protects and cares for her babies with every little step they take.

Madras and kittens

Soon, both brothers were thriving, and at six weeks old, they were learning to eat solid foods like champions and showing off their energetic personalities.

The kittens are now three months old and have shown themselves ready to write the next chapter of their lives and find a forever home.

young kittens

Now that her kittens are older, Madras is ready to retire from motherhood and become the center of attention for her mother, who has fallen madly in love with her and doesn’t want to leave her, so she will stay by her side. for all time.

beautiful feline family

Thanks to her kind-hearted neighbor, the cat was able to get a second chance at life and provide a bright future for her babies.

Images: Facebook / Chatons Orphelins Montréal


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