Neighbors Rescue Fallen Dog From Second Floor With A Blanket

Neighbors save fallen dog balcony balcony

Moments of anguish in the streets of Novelda, in the city of Alicante in Spain. A dog was on the verge of death when he fell from a second-story balcony, but a group of neighbors managed to scare them all away.

Dog falling balcony

Several people organized themselves so that the animal would not suffer any damage in an action as simple as it is heroic. Alerted by his barking, several residents of the neighborhood grabbed blankets and placed themselves under the balcony where the animal was barking. Stuck between the thickness of the plants in pots on the balcony, the dog endured a few moments in a very delicate position, with no surface to walk on and gradually losing its stability until it finally tumbled off the balcony.

But the event had a happy ending. At the time of the fall, the neighbors were fully prepared to prevent the animal from directly touching the ground and ended up falling onto the padded surface of a blanket, hoisted by the group of people who came to their aid.

Alicante dog rescue

The incident was recorded and shared on the @SocialDrive_es Twitter account, where you can see the moments of anguish experienced both by the neighbors and most importantly, the animal itself, who struggled to stay safe on the edge of the balcony until he weakened, and could not help but fall, but luckily it all ended well.

An almost similar rescue happened a few months ago, when a cat fell from the highest level of a stadium and was rescued by supporters.

Images: Twitter

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