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Neva Masquerade cat
Neva Masquerade cat

The Neva Masquerade Cat is a long-haired, color-pointed cat with bright blue eyes. In fact, the Neva Masquerade cat is a Siberian cat with a color similar to that of the Siamese. This breed is the pride of Russian breeders. Having retained the genetic set of the Siberian cat, it has an outstanding classic appearance – a stranger in a mask with eyes the color of the ocean. She looks very elegant, and she has specific character traits that are inherent only to the Siberian cat.

The Neva masquerade cat got its name for its characteristic dark markings on the face, which really resemble a carnival mask.


Neva Masquerade cat photos

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Physical characteristics

The Neva Masquerade cat is a large, strong animal, but at the same time very graceful. Cats are particularly impressive in size. The head has the shape of a wide trapezium, with a broad forehead and chin and a large nose. Their necks are short and muscular, and the triangular ears are set wide apart and tilted slightly forward. Large, round, widely set eyes are always blue (light or dark). The limbs of cats are of medium length, with massive fluffy paws, and the tail resembles foxes – long and shaggy.

Compared to other cats, with the possible exception of true giants, Neva Masquerade cats are quite large. The weight of a cat reaches 5-6 kilograms, and the weight of a cat can even reach 9 kilograms.


Distinctive features

  • Big head with rounded forehead. From here comes a wide transition to the nose. Whiskers are dense and strong-willed chin, and even long whiskers make the muzzle soft and calm.
  • The animal’s ears are at a great distance from each other. They have a slight tilt forward. Sometimes they may have tassels.
  • The eyes are angled towards the inner corners. Arched upper and semi-circular lower eyelids. Eye color can be all shades of blue and blue.
  • The body is powerful and muscular. It has a respectable size. This breed is one of the largest representatives of domestic cats. Thus, the Neva masquerade is smaller in size only than the Maine Coons. They have a fairly strong skeleton and powerful muscles.
  • Cats have strong paws which are in proportion to the whole body. Hair grows between the pads of the fingers.
  • The cat’s tail is also powerful and wide. It is very soft and thick. The tip of the tail is rounded.

Character and behavior

Neva masquerade cats are very affectionate and attached to their master. Representatives of this breed get along well with other family members, especially with young children. By the way, with other pets, these cats get along well, including dogs. Cats love outdoor games, hide and seek, hunting for balls and candy wrappers and will be very happy if you take part in this. If you have no time or no mood, then the cat will not be offended and will not take revenge, as it has a sense of innate tact.

Despite his friendliness and sociability, the Neva masquerade cat has a sense of self-esteem and will not tolerate familiar relations, persistent squeezing and “hugs”, especially from strangers.


The Neva masquerade breed is the result of natural crossbreeding, and therefore these cats are characterized by excellent health. No genetic disease has yet been registered.

But there is a list of diseases that characterize them more:

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The complex name hides heart disease, in which blood stagnates in the vessels of the organ. Pulmonary edema can cause sudden death of the animal. The disease does not show early symptoms, however, regular examinations of the animal by a specialist minimize the risks of a point of inevitability;
  • Peritonitis;
  • Towards ;
  • Parasitic infection.

Life expectancy

The average life expectancy of the Neva masquerade cat is 15-18 years.


Neva masquerade cat care is not considered something special. It is recommended to comb the pet’s coat 1-2 times a week, using a comb, brush and damp glove to remove loose hair.

If you take care of wool according to all the above rules, then cleaning it at home will not turn into an unpleasant ritual. It simply won’t fall off and will stay on all surfaces around the house.

It is necessary to buy a scratching post in the house or regularly walk the animal on the street, allowing the cat to climb a tree.

Also, regular procedures for caring for a pet should be: washing eyes and ears, brushing teeth.


You can’t comb this cat’s tail. This is the most sensitive area of the animal’s body, and pulling hair can cause pain to the animal. In addition, the wool in these places is poorly restored.

How to choose a Neva Masquerade kitten?

When choosing a Neva masquerade kitten, pay attention to: the color, the muzzle, paws, ears and tail should be of a darker color. In particular, the standard assumes the following parameters:

  • The pet’s body is strong by standard.
  • The neck should be fairly short and the chest broad.
  • The limbs should be strong and of medium length.
  • Tufts of wool are observed on the paws between the toes.
  • The ears are slightly tilted forward.
  • The shape is medium in size, with a rounded top.
  • The eyes are usually set wide apart and of a fairly large size.
  • The coat is dense, has a double undercoat.
  • There is a “collar” on the neck, and “pants” on the hind legs.
  • The color should not be chocolate or lilac.

It is better to take Neva masquerade kittens at the age of 12 weeks or more, otherwise, when separated from their mother, they may experience severe stress.

History of the breed

In general, this is a point-type variety of the Siberian cat breed, and so far many felinological organizations do not stand out as a separate breed. Some experts believe that in the 80s of the twentieth century, the genes of the Siamese cat and, probably, Persian color points were introduced into the breed.

For the first time, Neva masquerade cats were bred at the St. Petersburg club Kotofey in 1989. The process was led by the famous Russian breeder Olga Mironova. Subsequently, many breeders took up breeding. Now Neva masquerade cats are a huge success around the world.


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