Never let your dog enter this room of the house. Even if he wants to accompany you, the results can be disastrous

Never let your dog enter this room of the house

Wherever you go, does your dog follow you? These animals live in groups and perceive their owner as the leader of the herd. However, a veterinarian reveals why it’s so important for pet owners to keep their pets away from the toilet. They are in grave danger there – and no, it’s not about the trauma of seeing a human using the toilet, but because of their innate curiosity.

The dog wants to accompany its owner in almost all circumstances, even in situations that require a certain level of intimacy, such as going to the bathroom or showing affection to a partner. Nevertheless, it is worth following the previously established house rules, because by giving your pet unrestricted access to all rooms in the house, you create a potential risk of causing damage and exposing it to diseases.

The vet warns: never let your dog enter this room

Dr. Rachel Barrack of New York is a licensed veterinarian, certified in veterinary acupuncture and Chinese herbalism. In one of the interviews, the specialist shared some tips on how to take care of dogs and at the same time called on pet owners not to let their proteges near the toilet.

According to the veterinarian, it’s a good idea for the sitter to keep cats and dogs, especially those of larger breeds, away from the toilet. Dr. Barrack points out that animals tend to lick and chew on anything they can get their hands on.

Animals prohibited in the toilets

Dogs will gladly ‘taste’ the hands of their guardians to show sympathy, but they won’t despise the floor, doors, kitchen cabinets and even the toilet bowl either – and that’s one of the most large habitats of bacteria, if we forget its regular cleaning. They are also at risk of being poisoned by toilet cleaners or other products containing toxic substances. The same goes for some toiletries.

To make matters worse, dogs sometimes treat the toilet as a replacement for a water bowl, so a simple precaution is that after each use of the toilet, lower the lid and don’t let the animal slip between our legs.

A closed bathroom or bedroom door of course stimulates the curiosity of the animal, which in turn has the opposite effect and usually ends up repainting scratched surfaces or listening to moans. Nevertheless, for the sake of the health of our furry animals, it pays to remain adamant and focus on obedience training.

Why does my dog follow me step by step?

Why does a dog follow its master like a shadow? First of all, you have to be aware that the animal follows you because it loves you, and in addition, each room in the house is its territory. So he wants to be ready in case he has to defend his owner.

Also, the dog can’t respect someone’s privacy because they just don’t understand that concept, so next time instead of getting mad at the animal, try to appreciate their efforts. to keep the territory.

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