Newlyweds Ask Donations For A Local Animal Shelter Instead Of Wedding Gifts


Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham presented their friends and family with an unusual wedding gift registry.

Newlyweds Ask Donations Shelter Jonathan Jeananne Wickham

This young couple did not put the typical and usual items like a blender, a coffee maker and some crockery. Instead, wedding guests found a list including cat food, cat litter, dog biscuits and many brands of croquettes.

The newlyweds have chosen to give up traditional wedding gifts and have presented to their loved ones a registry of wedding gifts with items for the benefit of the Wayne County Humane Society (an animal shelter in Wooster, Ohio) A few days after their wedding ceremony, the Wickhams delivered the batch of goods to the shelter.

Newlyweds Ask Donations Shelter Jonathan Jeananne Wickham

“We had been together for seven years and we did not need traditional gifts like mixers or toasters. We are very attached to the welfare and rescue of animals.

We wanted to take this opportunity to help this shelter because I grew up in Wooster, “said Jonathan Wickham. The couple has six cats, all rescued from the shelters.

“We also thought this shelter might need more help than us. So, thinking about the best way to do something like that, that’s the shelter we’ve chosen, “said Jeananne Wickham.

This donation is generous, says Brian Bogner, Chairman of the Wayne County Humane Society. The most important thing was that he understood everything from pet food to cleaning products to a coffee maker for dedicated staff and volunteers.

Newlyweds Ask Donations Shelter Jonathan Jeananne Wickham

“For people of this age, thinking of others is remarkable,” Bogner said of the 26-year-old Wickham.

“People like them help the mission and keep the doors open. We survive through donations like this one.

The Wickhams also spent a day shopping for humanitarian society items using the cash gifts they received.

Several mop buckets were purchased in large quantities, which allowed the shelter not to buy new ones for years. The couple also donated $ 2,000 for emergency bills for cats.

Newlyweds Ask Donations Shelter Jonathan Jeananne Wickham

The funds arrived just in time for two cats at the shelter – Debbie, who came in with a broken leg, and Peaches, who arrived with a serious eye infection. Wayne County Humane Society shelter director Carrie Andrew was concerned that humane measures had been taken without the additional funds.

Wayne County Humane Society shared a post on facebook on Sunday, October 13, 2019, thanking them:

Newlyweds Ask Donations Shelter Jonathan Jeananne Wickham

Jonathan and Jeananne Wickham made an extraordinary gift on Saturday! This wonderful couple got married a few weeks ago and instead of asking for wedding gifts, they asked for donations on our behalf! In total, they collected and donated more than 1,200 cans of wet food, 750 pounds of dry food, a huge amount of cleaning products and more than $ 2,000 for our medical fund! The funds they have already raised have already provided vital medical care to two of our kittens. We are very grateful for this amazing show of kindness and can not thank them enough.

Jonathan and Jeananne are photographed with Peaches and Debbie, the beneficiaries of medical treatment.