Saturday, October 24, 2020

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meena teen older dogs adoption

An Adopted 14-Year-Old Girl Is Helping Senior Dogs Find A Forever Home Just Like...

A girl who was adopted when she was a baby, has dedicated herself to helping the older dogs of a shelter so they can find a home A 14-year-old...
What’s Wrong With My Cat

“What’s Wrong With My Cat?” The Online Group Where Owners Share Their “Malfunctioning ”...

It's incredible how little we all know about our furry friends we love such a lot. Now, we’re sure about it, and we've proofs that cats seem to adore sleep in odd...
stray cat leads woman food conejo elgato

Stray Cat Guides A Woman To The Supermarket And Points Out Her Favorite Food

A Mexican teacher adopts Conejo, the cat that was found at the door of a food store and guided him to his favorite food.
one eyed man adopts cat

Man Who Lost One Of His Eyes Adopted A One-Eyed Kitten. Both suffered but...

Killer came to the life of Larry Scott (USA) by surprise: neither he nor his wife were looking for a cat without an eye, but when they saw him in the local...
Study cats would kill you bigger

Study Says Cats Would Kill You If They Were Bigger

On more than one occasion, cat lovers have thought that behind that mysterious and intense gaze there is a macabre plan that reveals their intention to kill you. That is why, if...
Adorable shiba inu ruining group photos

Shiba Inu Goes Viral For Constantly Ruining Group Pics With His Siblings

Adorable Shiba Inu puppy goes viral for ruining group photos with his brothers, the results of the images are very funny. Taking pictures of our pets is not such...
sweet cat family roadside

Sweet Cat Adopts A Kitten Found On The Roadside And Changes Her Life

A small ginger kitten was found on the roadside. The little boy was in bad shape and his paws were covered in tar, but the people who found him rushed to find...
boy picks fat cat Tiny shelter

His mom allowed him to choose a cat. He picked this elderly, overweight and...

From childhood it is very common to dream of having a pet, a dog or a cat and perhaps growing up with him. So many children are waiting to convince their own...
Dog Visits His Neighbor Every Day

Dog Visits His Neighbor Every Day For Breakfast

A charming dog visits his neighbor every morning, and he usually waits for her in the kitchen for some treats and cuddles Sophie Moore recently moved house and has...
Jarvis cat stole husband nasrin hami

Wife Documents In Photographs How This Cat Stole Her Husband

Woman takes funny pictures of how her cat stole her husband and shares them on her social networks. Jarvis is a six-year-old Scottish Fold cat who lives with his...
think twice before buying bengal cat

He Is Adorable But You Should Think Twice Before Buying A Bengal Cat

"When you consider how many cats are fighting for their lives in shelters right now, it becomes almost impossible to justify spending thousands of dollars to buy a cat just for its...
Jacque lap cat hugs finds home

Cat Returned To Shelter For Being ‘Too Cuddly’ Finds A Family That Loves Him

All Jacque wanted was a warm lap to sit on, but was rejected simply for being too affectionate. Jacque was three years old when he was rejected and dropped...
Cat Movies

19 Best Cat Movies To Watch With Your Cat

Oh, these funny animals! You can watch them endlessly. It is especially interesting to follow the behavior of cats and all members of the feline family. Gentle habits, natural grace and plasticity,...
Cora poodle two legs recovery

Cora The Poodle And Her Remarkable Recovery

Cora is a very brave and persevering dog whose two front legs had to be amputated, but thanks to the love of her adoptive father she has made an incredible recovery and...
old singing dog breed reappears indonesia 50 years

Thought To Be Extinct, Ancient Dog Reappears After 50 Years

An exotic and ancient breed of singing dog was spotted in the high mountains of Papua, Indonesia, after being lost for five decades. The New Guinea singing dog or...
Ching cat escapes home visit neighbor

Cat Escapes Home Every Morning To Visit Her Neighbor

Cat runs away from home every morning and spends the day at his neighbor's house, sunbathing and enjoying many treats. Ching is a lovely kitten who has lived for...

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