Contrary to appearances, this was no ordinary dog walk. Everything was recorded on CCTV, the sight is heartbreaking

No ordinary dog walk recorded on CCTV / IPawdItForward

One of the city’s surveillance cameras recorded a woman abandoning her dog in a city park. The dog owner drove her luxury car to the parking lot, led her pet into an alley, then returned to the car and left. Local animal rights activists did everything they could to establish the woman’s identity.

She left her dog to his fate

Owners who abandon their pets overnight break their hearts. A woman who owned an elderly Labrador did not hesitate to abandon the dog to its fate after many years together.

What the guardian of the four-legged elderly person did was recorded by city surveillance. So the activists who took care of the abandoned dog had no doubt that the animal had been intentionally left in the park.

The woman drove her pet to one of the parking lots next to the city park. Then she led the dog down the street, got in the car and left.

No ordinary dog walk recorded on CCTV / IPawdItForward

The dog was left completely alone

Passersby became interested in the stray dog and reported it to volunteers at a local organization that helps homeless animals.

The Labrador was secured and taken to the home of one of the volunteers. When activists realized that the abandonment of a pet had been recorded on city surveillance, they immediately informed Internet users. They asked them for help: “If you recognize this woman, her Tesla or her dog, contact us immediately.”

No ordinary dog walk recorded on CCTV / IPawdItForward

The woman will appear in court

After a while, the activists informed everyone interested in the fate of the dog that the search was over: “The owner has been identified and charged with animal cruelty.”

The woman’s identity was established thanks to the great interest of Internet users. There are more than 6,000 comments under the post containing the surveillance video. It turned out that thanks to many details provided by many people, it was possible to determine who was ready to give up the elderly dog.

This story is proof that it is useful not to turn a blind eye to the cruel treatment inflicted on animals. The more people suffer the consequences of such acts, the more likely it is that the scale of animal abuse will decrease in the future.

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