No One Wants To Adopt This Adorable Kitty With An Adorable Face

nobody adopt adorable kitty sweet face

This adorable kitten with a unique and charming face is waiting for a loving family to live happily ever after.

Kaya is a sweet kitty with an adorable face that could melt anyone who meets her. The feline was born with a congenital facial anomaly that gives it a somewhat grumpy expression.

When Odelkis Barrera, founder of The Ontario Rescue in the United States, saw a photo of Kaya’s face, she immediately knew she had to help the lovely kitten through the process.

It was in July that a kind-hearted person found Kaya abandoned to her fate and decided to call the rescue center for help. At the time, the 4-week-old kitten was dehydrated and completely covered in fleas and ticks. Under Odelkis’ care, the little kitten quickly gained weight and her charming personality began to show.

Odelkis told The Dodo:

Her personality is beyond amazing. All she wants is to be cuddled, all she wants is to be loved and cuddled. She can’t get enough of it, so if you don’t don’t caress, she caresses you.

No one adopts this beautiful sweet-faced kitten

No one wants to adopt this adorable kitty

Despite the difficulties the adorable kitten has had to face since her debut, that hasn’t stopped her from being curious and extremely affectionate and playful.

The rescue center wrote on its Facebook page:

Not only is she the cutest kitten ever, but she’s incredibly sweet. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. He gets along great with his foster family, other cats and pets. dogs.

When not with her adoptive parents, Kaya always plays with her favorite toy in the world, a simple cardboard box. She can spend hours playing in her box, it really makes her very entertaining.

Now that a few months have passed and the feline is in perfect health, all Kaya wants is a loving forever home. But unfortunately until now he had not received any application for adoption.

No one wants to adopt this sweet-faced kitty

Kaya recently underwent surgery to help her see better and relieve some discomfort in her eyes. And although her eyesight isn’t the best, she has learned to move with agility and can always detect when another dog, cat or human is nearby, she is always ready to be his companion in games and adventures. .

The staff at the rescue center can’t understand why people pass up the opportunity to have this sweet and special kitten in their family.

sweet face kitty

Odelkis adds:

We want a pleasant environment and a house that can give you the time you need. He would do well with other animals; finds comfort in seeking out other cats and dogs and enjoys playing with them. And you need someone who’s here for the long haul.

Beautiful kitty

And although Kaya can’t wait to find a loving forever home, she knows she’s a very special and wonderful girl, even if it takes a little longer for the rest of the world to figure that out.

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