Nurse Adopts Patient’s 13-Year-Old Dog

Nurse Adopts Patient 13-Year-Old Dog

It is not for nothing that we say that dogs are our best friends. John Burley had an intense relationship with Boomer, his longtime dog, but sadly after 13 years the man’s health forced him to part ways with his dog, leaving his heart shattered to pieces.

John has spent every day of his life caring for Boomer, a 13-year-old Yorkshire dog. An elderly person in the canine world.

Boomer’s master fell seriously ill. Despite the fact that John, 60, thought it would be something totally temporary, over the days his health did not improve.

John’s deteriorating condition forced him to think he should give his dog over to someone else’s care, as due to his illness he was no longer able to care for him. him. The man turned the dog over to an animal welfare society to look after him until they found him a new permanent home.

Jennifer Smith tells Newsweek:

It broke his heart to think that Boomer would be adopted by strangers and he couldn’t bear to think about what would happen if no one wanted to adopt this sweet 13-year-old dog.

John Burley and Boomer

John, some time before being hospitalized, had been treated for his illness at a rehabilitation center where he had met Jennifer Smith, a 41-year-old nurse. She learned that her old patient was back in the hospital and news of Boomer and John’s heartbreaking separation emerged.

Jennifer, without being asked, already knew what to do. She adopted Boomer and took him home. On the same day, she took him to the vet, bought him his favorite food, and even bought different types of toys for the dog to have fun with.

Nurse Jennifer Smith and patient John Burley

Smith called the hospital to speak to John and tell him the good news. The man was delighted with the nurse’s action. Jennifer spoke with her former patient daily to give him updates on Boomer and his adjustment to his new home.

When John Burley left the health center, he had to hire a rehabilitation service. He did not hesitate for a second to seek Jennifer’s services. Now the woman goes to John’s every day for therapy and she does so with Boomer.

Nurse Jennifer Smith and John Burley

Even though John can no longer take care of his friend, thanks to his nurse he can see him and give him love every day.

Images: Newsweek

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