Lovable Dog Rescued From Unfathomable Laboratory Testing After Two Years of Suffering

nutmeg dog rescued from unfathomable laboratory
Beagle Freedom Project

This is the story of an American bulldog named Nutmeg, who lived two years of his life like a real nightmare. In fact, the poor dog was used as a test material in laboratories, and was subjected to various tests.

The first two years of Nutmeg’s life were a real ordeal. In fact, the dog lived inside a medical laboratory, where he and other dogs of different breeds were literally tortured daily. These animals were used as test materials, as if they were not living beings. The puppies underwent several transplants and often real tumors were implanted inside their bodies, which in the worst case led to these puppies dying.

The story of Nutmeg: the laboratory dog

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Nutmeg spent two years of life in the lab, managing to survive despite the many tortures they subjected him to. Thanks to the Beagle Freedom Project association, Nutmeg managed to radically change his life. Indeed, the association succeeded, after many efforts, in getting Nutmeg out of this prison.

Nutmeg’s rescue is unfortunately only the smallest piece of the puzzle. In fact, there are hundreds of labs that still use purebred and unbreeded dogs to carry out their research. Although the dog’s health is not the best, he seems to be a happy dog today. In fact, Nutmeg won’t be considered safe for another two years, and that means that until then, his survival isn’t so obvious.

Nutmeg has finally found a family that loves him for who he is. He is definitely a traumatized dog, who will take those memories with him for the rest of his life. To this day, however, he’s a happy dog, and he’s learned what it means to ā€œloveā€ after going through so much pain!

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