The Story Of Maya, The Cat Who Was Abandoned For Being “Different”


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The moving story of Maya, a cat who was abandoned for being different and now amuses everyone on Instagram

She is five years old and was born with an extra chromosome. Her owner wrote a book about the animal to raise awareness of its condition.

It is likely that the youngest, when they meet her, will ask their mothers: “Why is the kitten like that?” Yes, at first glance she is different, but that dissimilarity does not prevent her from being a surprising animal and a true example for all.

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Her name is Maya, she is about five years old and lives in the city of Salem, Massachusetts. She was born with an extra chromosome, a genetic disorder that resembles that of people with Down syndrome.

Some time ago, they abandoned the cat on the street because of her condition. Attentive to the cruelty of the event, the animal shelter The Odd Cat Sanctuary rescued her.

Now, on her Instagram account that has more than 480 thousand followers, Maya entertains users with her daily adventures: she hides in the furniture, sleeps peacefully on the couch and has fun with toys.

Its owner, Lauren Beader, published a book about the cat to raise awareness and “teach children to accept all who are different.”

“It was written to normalize physical, developmental and emotional disabilities or conditions of all kinds. This book can open everyone’s eyes to the idea that every life deserves love and acceptance,” says Lauren in the official review.

In addition, she clarifies: “Younger children can relate to the basic behaviors of a cat (or child) that does not look or act like them, while older children can understand why they should treat others with kindness.”

The proceeds of the publication go to the shelter and also to the Special Olympics Massachusetts disabled space.

Those who abandoned her should be sorry: Maya shows that being different is not a problem, but a virtue that enhances her life and makes her a reference for others.

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