Police Smash The Window Of A Car Where A Dog Was Barking To Ask For Help

officers smash car window dog barked help

A dog that was left locked in a car barked desperately for help, fortunately officers break the window to rescue him.

Dog owners are generally advised not to leave their pets alone in their hot, parked vehicles. But, despite these warnings, every year there are new cases of unconscious people who make the same mistake and play with the lives of their pets.

In Clearwater, Florida, police officers answered a call, after being informed that there was barking coming from a car in a parking lot.

When officers arrived at the scene, they were horrified to find a desperate, locked-in dog inside a hot car from the harsh summer.

Officers break window to save dog

officers smash car window dog barked help

Still, the dog’s owners didn’t even bother leaving a window open or water; they apparently believed that it would be okay to leave it in this condition, which can be fatal to an animal. It is known that locked cars can reach very high temperatures and end the life of a pet.

officers smash car window dog barked help

While its owners were enjoying a family day at the beach, the poor animal barked for help, desperate for the heat, waiting for someone to listen.

The police department wrote on Facebook:

It’s safe to say that the temperature inside the vehicle while the dog was still inside, was over 100 degrees.

In addition, he wrote details of the cruel incident, where the officers in a desperate attempt, had to break the car window to rescue the dog.

officers smash car window dog barked help

After taking him out of the car, an officer gave him water from his bottle and the puppy drank it in seconds, they also sprayed water over his body to refresh him. The police called Pinellas County Animal Control to get the dog shit and check his health.

For now, the case will be referred to the Pinellas-Pasco state prosecutor’s office, for subsequent prosecution and finding those responsible for the incident.

officers smash car window dog barked help

Although it is still highly uncertain whether charges will be brought against the puppy’s owners, many Internet users are outraged at the incident and do not want it returned to its owners. Also, people thanked the officers for the rescue.

officers smash car window dog barked help

Despite the dog’s uncertain future, it was a timely rescue by the police, which practically saved his life.

officers smash car window dog barked help

Surely, the cute puppy will always be grateful to the officers and it should be remembered that we should never leave our pets alone in a car.

Images: Facebook/Clearwater Police Department


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