An Old Cat About To Be Euthanized Asks A Kind Woman To Save Him

old cat point to be sacrificed ask woman save

Lahmia Mareeal Marano received a text message on her cellphone where a friend of hers who works at a veterinary clinic sent her a picture of an old cat named Maxx. The woman explained that his previous family approached the clinic to request that he be euthanized despite the cat being completely healthy.

Veterinary staff were desperately trying to find a new home for the kitten in hopes that someone would bring him home as a permanent member and save him from this fate.

Lahmia told The Dodo:

I tried my best to find him a home and almost succeeded, but in the end, they couldn’t take him. That Thursday I was told that if Maxx didn’t find of housing, he would be put to sleep at the owner’s request. I just couldn’t let that happen, so I got in my car the next day and drove an hour and a half to pick him up.

A senior cat about to be sacrificed asks a kind woman to save him

Senior cat about to be euthanized

Although Lahmia didn’t have another cat in her immediate plans, the woman felt a connection to Maxx and knew she had to help him. She thinks that sometimes the best things in life go unplanned.

The woman remembers:

When I met Maxx, he was obviously very upset and very talkative, but I think he knew I was there to save him. Immediately he hit me with his head. At that moment, I knew it was meant to be mine.

Cat and his foster mother

At the time, due to all the stress he was going through, Maxx was irritable and confused, but as soon as he met his new mom, the feline immediately calmed down. He seemed to know she was there to help him and finally bring him home.

When Maxx first arrived at the vet clinic, his estranged father had a long list of complaints about him, but Lahmia thinks the old cat has been the perfect addition to his family. She had no problem adapting to her new surroundings and she likes to follow her new mom to give her love.

Cat and but they take a nap

Lahmia says:

Maxx integrated into the peloton very quickly and quickly found his favorite place: the sink. He is very talkative, and sometimes we have full conversations. I think he understands he’s safe with me. He follows me everywhere and keeps watch while I shower, which he did the first day I brought him home.

beautiful senior cat

When she received this text from her friend, Lahmia had no idea she would end up adopting a 16-year-old cat, but now she can only be grateful to have her loving boy at home.

Finally, the woman says:

Maxx is a blessing, and I think he was sent for me.

Images: Instagram / maximilian_theorange_chillin

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