The Old Dog Finally Realizes That She Was Adopted. No One Expected Such A Moving Reaction

old dog finally realizes that she was adopted

Some animals spend many years on the streets before finding someone to take care of them. A dog named Kit has been roaming Turkey for ten years. Luck only smiled on her when the years of her youth were behind her. Fortunately, the quadruped will spend the autumn of its life with a loving family. Hard for the bitch to believe that fate had finally given her some good cards, as evidenced by the eloquent expression on her face.

Street life had ruined the bitch. His teeth were worn down to the gums

Paluba has decided to take an old dog under her roof. There was already a whole herd of dogs in her house, but the woman was sure that all the animals would live in harmony with each other. Kit deserved a cozy corner, a full bowl and love. She had waited too long.

The old lady looked bad. She had worn teeth, cavities in her fur and was very thin. One look at this bitch was enough to see that life on the streets was not the easiest.

All of Kit’s teeth had to be removed so she could now live pain-free.

Adopted dog couldn’t believe his luck

old dog finally realizes that she was adopted
Lindsay Paluba

The first days in the new house were full of nervous joy. New owner Kit has everything ready before she arrives. As soon as the dog saw his bed inside the house, she immediately ran to him. From the first moments, this place became his favorite. It was there that she felt most secure.

Kit kept wagging her tail. But she was also very tense. The new environment with other animals made her uncomfortable. The dog was shocked at the way her keepers treated her. She wasn’t used to receiving friendly gestures. She had to get used to her new life.

Over time, she began to relax and get to know the other members of the four-legged family. Kit quickly became an inseparable part of the herd.

old dog finally realizes that she was adopted
Lindsay Paluba

Over time, she became the head of the herd of dogs in the house

The adopted dog needed time to convince herself that she had nothing to fear. It was worth the wait. Kit was becoming more open day by day.

old dog finally realizes that she was adopted
Lindsay Paluba

Now she enjoys spending time not only with her new owner, but also with her canine companions. Due to his age and state of health, he cannot always take part in all the crazy entertainment. However, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the company. In addition, she became the main user of all dens. She has been managing the accessibility of these wonderful places for some time!

Ever since Kit moved into Paluba’s house, she’s had a smile on her face, which can be seen in the video. We are happy that older dogs can also count on adoption.

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