The old dog sees the sea one last time before leaving. His reaction will be remembered forever

old dog sees the sea one last time before leaving

When a dog faces death, his behavior can change noticeably. The animal’s body sends specific signals several hours before leaving this world. They did not escape the attention of Piero Temperato from Italy. Listlessness and loss of appetite were proof of the imminent end of life for the dog named Greta, but before they had to say goodbye, the caring caretaker decided to take her ward on the final journey.

A dog at the end of her life. The owner left him the most beautiful memory

Unfortunately, as Benjamin Franklin said, the only certainties in this world are death and taxes. No creature inhabiting our planet lives forever, so the day we have to let go of our loved ones feels like a little piece of the world. The experience of loss is often even greater in the case of pets that accompany us almost every day, and loyalty, unconditional love and simple presence replace conversation with a human friend. When they run out, there is a void in the heart and a hole that cannot be filled.

A resident of the Puglia region of Italy faced a life crisis. When Greta, a 15-year-old dog, fell seriously ill and needed a lot of rest due to her great weakness, Piero Temperato knew he could no longer prevent her from crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

The dog looked at the sea for the last time

Some take their four-legged friends for the last walk, others allow them to taste products which, in normal times, should never be part of an animal’s diet. Piero, in turn, decided to surprise Greta with a trip to a place she loved in her youth.

In March 2018, a man took to social media to show how he said goodbye to his favorite, taking her to where she was happiest. For the last time they went to the seaside together, where Greta used to run on the sand years ago. The commemorative photos of this day have touched hundreds of thousands of Internet users and have become a source of support for people who are grieving the loss of their beloved pet.

The man made every effort to ensure that Greta could fully enjoy her last stay by the sea. After reaching the beach, Piero prepared a comfortable bed for the dog, then put her on a pillow. As his final hour approached, the guardian tenderly stroked his fur, whispered tender words, and reminisced about their adventures together. Wrapped in blankets, she could enjoy the breathtaking view of the waves hitting the shore and sucking the salty air into her lungs.

“If I could… I would ask you to be reborn again…”

“I realize it was crazy to take you this far considering your condition, but I wanted to give you one more feeling.” I know you love to admire the vast sea, as boundless as the feelings I have for you – with these words Greta’s owner commemorated the ties that bind them together.

This heartbreaking story shows the unwavering faith in the uniqueness of the human-dog relationship, and the devotion that can be shown to a beloved animal companion until the very end. Without a doubt, Greta couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. She passed away peacefully and every day, even after her death, she will be loved with all her heart!

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