He tied an old dog to the sled and left him outside the shelter. Beside him lay a heartbreaking letter

old dog tied sled left outside shelter heartbreaking letter

Some animal abandonments seem crueler than most. It doesn’t always have to come down to scary scenes filled with blood and obvious violence. There are people who give up on their pets because they don’t want to spend a little more time with them than is appropriate for them. It’s hard to see any sense of humanity in this model. A Great Pyrenees Dog named Perry experienced this. The old dog was tied to the sled, and a terse note was left beside it.

Some dog owners treat their pets like used toys. An abandoned elderly dog has been found

Next to the Wanderers Rest Humane Association shelter in Canastota, New York someone left an old dog in a plastic box, unable to stand on its own. It came with a note that read, “He can’t walk anymore.”

The people who found the dog have asked for help from the abandoned animal protection organisation, Peace 4 Animals. Specialists secured the dog and transported him to a place where he could rely on professionals to relieve his pain.

There was no doubt that the dog had been in pain for a long time and needed to be under the constant care of a veterinarian. The owner must have been well aware of this. It may be too late to help now. The old dog with a balanced and tender character was threatened with euthanasia.

The dog lost his home because he had health problems

It turned out that just a few days after the implementation of pain treatment and rehabilitation, the old dog is able to move on his own. It only needs to be supported when lifting. It was a breakthrough that many specialists did not believe.

The dog had a strong will to live, he wanted to fight. This was possible thanks to the support of the Wanderes’ Rest Humane Association. His name was Perry. Thanks to their efforts and the help of another organization, he was lucky enough to live among physiotherapy specialists. It was the only chance to save Perry.

He’s looking for someone to help him lead a normal life

It worked! Perry can move independently and live without pain. Provided that he will live among people who will allow him to do so. It needs professional care, which consumes a lot of time and money.

Perry, despite his advanced age for this breed, is a very jovial dog who willingly takes on new challenges. He likes when something is happening.

“Perry has been an absolute blessing in so many ways. He gives so much love. Perry likes to be around people! He always wants to greet everyone he sees. He’s a really sweet soul. He is also lazy and likes to sleep. He sleeps most of the day and night,” says Susie Schond-Salvage, a physiotherapist at the veterinary hospital where he was recovering.

The old dog, for the time and money spent, can give unconditional love and gratitude for the opportunity to live a comfortable life. It is the fulfillment of his deepest dreams. People who give it to him will experience joy in small things with him. Could there be anything more beautiful?

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