The Old Dog Was No Longer Able To Climb The Stairs. The Owner Found A Solution

old dog was no longer able to climb the stairs

When deciding to take care of a dog, any responsible owner should be aware that over the years the health of his four-legged friend may begin to deteriorate. This absolutely does not mean that you can stop caring for it, or worse, get rid of it.

The dog in the video is already 17 years old. Despite health problems, his guardian tries to do everything so that he does not feel unloved under any circumstances. One of the biggest problems he had to overcome on his way was the stairs. One day he found something that will help him overcome them.

The dog’s guardian has found a solution to his health problems

A video has emerged on the tiktok profile called barstoolsports showing how the 17-year-old dog owner reacted to news that his service was having increasing trouble climbing stairs. Everything indicates that the quadruped loves being outside, but returning home is no longer as easy as before.

The man, seeing the sadness of his four-legged friend, who was himself well aware of his failing health, had an idea. After all, what you don’t do for your loved ones.

@barstoolsports W Dad 🥺 @Podfathers Show (via:@Kerry Marie McGrath ♬ original sound – Barstool Sports

He built a special elevator

From the shared recording, we learn that the man has built something resembling a special elevator. Thanks to this, the dog did not have to climb the stairs. All he had to do was enter the cabin he had created, then a simple press of a button made him change position.

Of course, the caretaker ensured that its construction was as safe as possible. It has a special trapdoor that closes when an animal enters it and walls that cannot be crossed by an elderly quadruped. It seems that this one is not at all afraid to use it. Apparently, he finds it much easier for him to get from the house to the outside and back.

@kerrymariegabriele Our sweet Sadie girl, 16 years young and surviving cancer. Love you polar bear🤍 #petsoftiktok #furbabies #labadorretriever #whitelabador #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Kerry Gabriele

Commentators were delighted

Many people who decided to comment on TikTok with a 17-year-old dog and his caretaker in the lead role didn’t hide their emotions. No one doubts that the man’s gesture is really cute. Such an owner is a real treasure and some people should definitely take a cue from him.

– These are the parents who say: “I never wanted a dog!” – jokes one of the netizens.

– Worth every hour and minute spent – is convinced another.

“Everything for our dogs,” another totally agrees.

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