Old, Blind And With One Leg Amputated, This Dog Spends 10 Years In A Shelter Before Finding A Home

old shelter dog gets forever home 10 year

Tofu, a 14-year-old dog that no one wanted to adopt, was rescued from an abusive home by caring people and spent 10 years under the protection of a shelter. Unfortunately, the older dog had cancer, so one of his hind legs had to be amputated, and he also lost his sight due to old age.

Many of the shelter workers who knew Tofu believed he would live the rest of his life in the shelter. But that all changed when Danila arrived, who fell in love with the sweet dog and gave her a home full of love and care and another chance for a happy life.

Danila saw a photo of Tofu, and when she heard his story, she immediately realized that it had to be a part of her life.

Dog who spent 10 years in a shelter finally finds a home

Beautiful senior dog

The woman told Bored Panda:

One fine day I woke up and called a shelter coordinator who was my friend Carol and asked her the oldest dog to be adopted. He immediately sent me the photo of Tofu. That he was 14, blind and recently had a leg amputated due to cancer.

Dog that spent 10 years in a shelter

The woman says there was always in her mind the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčadopting a disabled, old, deaf dog. He didn’t necessarily have to put all of these issues into one dog, and that was something he wanted to do in the future.

Danila already has five dogs in her family, but after a long and serious discussion with her husband, they decided to give Tofu their home forever, he really deserved it.

Dog finally gets his forever home

Danila remembers:

After deciding to adopt him, I had to wait a month for him to recover from the leg amputation operation and some of the other health issues he was being treated for. While he was waiting, they have already provided him with a necklace, clothes, a doghouse and toys.

Dog finally gets his forever home

For his part, Tofu has adapted very well to his new home, he has learned to walk around the house without hitting objects or the wall. After being rescued from abuse and spending 10 years in a shelter, the dog can sense that something magical has happened and that he will now be truly happy for the rest of his life.

Danila says:

Sometimes I look at him and wonder how someone could have mistreated him in the past because he is an extremely strong, gentle and loving dog. Whoever did this doesn’t really know what a wonderful dog he lost. . It is a gift from God in our lives to have tofu at home.

Dog spent 10 years in a shelter

Unfortunately, many old and infirm dogs are not so fortunate at their age. But any dog, regardless of age or health, is capable of providing love and loyalty in quantity.

Adorable old dog

Finally, Danila added:

What motivated me the most to adopt him was knowing that Tofu is a dog that no one wants. Besides being old, he is blind and has no legs. Granted, most people would think this dog would take too much work, and with that, the poor animal might never find a loving home.

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