The sick old cat was sure that no one would be interested in him anymore. He found a real angel

old sick cat found real angel
Rebecca Schwartz

A black and white cat named CC spent many years on the streets. One day, she was taken by staff at a local shelter to a cage that was supposed to be her home and safety. Unfortunately, it turned out that the animal found had many problems. He was already old. He could neither hear nor see, he suffered from arthritis. His chances of finding a loving home were close to zero. Most people look for young, healthy animals at shelters. Everything indicated that CC would say goodbye to life without ever knowing the comfort of a warm bed, a full bowl and a loving family.

He was one of many animals in need

Homeless animals are a problem faced by activists in many places around the world. The scale of this phenomenon is terrifying. Perennially overcrowded shelters and needy pets wandering the streets of cities – this is a norm in some countries that many people have long gotten used to.

In such a reality, very few elderly, sick or disabled animals have the opportunity to live in a warm home among caring people. Regular access to a full bowl is a luxury that seemed unattainable for a cat named CC. This animal was picked up off the street by employees of a local shelter. He was in a terrible state.

old sick cat found real angel
Rebecca Schwartz

Everything indicated that he would spend the autumn of his life in a shelter

Specialists estimated that CC was around fifteen years old when she arrived at the shelter. Additionally, she was deaf and blind. As if that wasn’t enough, the dog suffered from severe arthritis that required treatment. His appearance also left a lot to be desired. His long hair, which hadn’t been styled in years, didn’t make him attractive.

Shelter staff were very concerned about ensuring CC did not spend her final moments in a homeless animal shelter. This cat had an exceptionally friendly character. She deserved much more than she had ever received in life.

Unfortunately, anyone who has worked in a homeless animal shelter, even for a few weeks, knows that elderly, sick, and disabled animals have little chance of finding forever homes. CC combined all the characteristics that most potential adoptive families avoided.

old sick cat found real angel
Rebecca Schwartz

She wanted to make her last moments of life more pleasant

Much to the surprise of the shelter staff, a miracle happened just weeks after CC was placed in their care. A woman named Rebecca expressed her desire to adopt a sick or old cat that no one else would be interested in. She wanted to offer at least one elderly person in need the opportunity to leave this world in decent conditions,

This is not the end of unexpected events. It turned out that CC regained her vigor after moving into her new house. Six years after his adoption, he is still alive and doing well. Rebecca is happy she made this decision. She admits that thanks to this, she made a great friend.

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