Shelter’s Oldest Dog Has Been Sleeping With a Smile Since Being Adopted: “He Knows He’s Home.”

older dog shelter sleeping smiling adopted

Rescuing puppies is a rewarding activity for any volunteer, but the real challenge is finding them a safe home as soon as possible. Although most people prefer to adopt puppies, no one understood why they didn’t want Petey.

Petey is a cheerful and energetic dog who was looking for a family in a shelter, but when he exceeded his resident limit, they sent him to the SPCA of Wake County in North Carolina (USA) for the help find a home, because at only 1 year old, he was the one who had been waiting the longest for his chance.

Shelter’s oldest dog has been sleeping with a smile since being adopted

older dog shelter sleeping smiling adopted

Despite this, Petey was still in good spirits and entered his new hideaway with great enthusiasm. “He was super nice from day one and very playful,” spokeswoman Samantha Ranlet told The Dodo. “We couldn’t believe nobody wanted it,” he added.

And to make him even happier, the SPCA team posted a photo of the dog on their website as soon as he arrived. “Unfortunately, we expected it to be ignored for smaller dogs, like before,” Samantha told The Dodo. “But it only took a few weeks for someone to fall in love with him,” she added.

The big day has arrived and Petey has finally found his family!

older dog shelter sleeping smiling adopted

Petey’s new family were thrilled when they saw his picture on the site and didn’t hesitate to go and adopt him. And luckily, the dog got along well with everyone, including his canine brother. It didn’t take him long to adapt and he already enjoys playing in the garden looking for objects, as well as giving “hugs” and kisses to his owners.

And her happiness can be seen on her beautiful face!

older dog shelter sleeping smiling adopted

Plus, the joy that has filled Petey since he was adopted is reflected even when he sleeps at the end of each day. Each time the puppy snuggles up in his cozy bed, a huge smile appears on his face.

“It’s the smile of a dog knowing he’s home,” the Wake County SPCA wrote on Facebook alongside the image.

older dog shelter sleeping smiling adopted

And just like Petey, in many shelters around the world, there are puppies who have long awaited their happy endings of living in a home with a sweet family. “We encourage them to reunite with their people. That’s what they deserve,” Samantha told The Dodo. So be it.

Images: Facebook / SPCA of Wake County

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